1. wiggerfoo528's Avatar
    Thought you guys might find this comical. For some reason Verizon decided to send me a few emails today thanking me for purchasing an Incredible. Near the bottom of the email were some "recommended accessories"...
    05-05-2010 10:01 PM
  2. Xian.I.Am's Avatar
    You never know when you will need 25 micro USB chargers.
    05-05-2010 10:16 PM
  3. bbfunnyman's Avatar
    Me! Me! Me! why didn't they send that to me?
    05-05-2010 11:53 PM
  4. BoNg420's Avatar
    Kind of expensive, thats $18 and some change a piece.

    You could get them cheaper on ebay.
    05-06-2010 06:59 AM
  5. bigslam123's Avatar
    They left a voice mail on my home phone thanking me for my purchase and offering help if any is needed, as well as directing me to their site for accessories.
    05-06-2010 07:02 AM