1. rortt's Avatar
    Has anyone been succesful at adding the DOD self-signed certificates into the Incredible?

    The certificates for the signing authorities / intermediate authorities / etc. are easy to install on computers, but they are not in the .p12 format that the Incredible wants to see, and I haven't been able to figure out the conversion.

    I am pretty sure this is the reason AKO IMAP mail will not work on the Incredible either.

    Anyone with experience of importing self-signed certificates in the .p7b or .pfx format? The pfx format should be the same as the p12 format, but the passwords are not accepted for some reason on the Incredible.
    05-07-2010 11:52 AM
  2. rortt's Avatar
    UPDATE: Android Forums has a recommendation for a work around for Secure IMAP setup. Essentially, you turn off your Mobile Network, connect to a WIFI network, disconnect the Internet from the WIFI network, and setup the Sense Email application with the secure IMAP server. During setup, it will try to contact the server, fail, and then give you an option to continue. Continue all the way through the setup, and then plug your router back into the Internet and/or turn on the mobile network connection. The next time you start the email app it will tell you that the IMAP server has an untrusted certificate (which it just killed the setup in the past). Accept the untrusted certificate and you are done.

    Now.....If we could only copy over p7b or pfx certificates onto the Incredible...

    Much thanks to HEAVI5IDe on Android Forums for this fix.
    05-07-2010 02:57 PM
  3. donb97's Avatar
    Can you help me? I have followed your instructions on my HTC Incredible and I am able to receive my AKO mail but it will not let me send anything out.
    06-15-2010 12:52 PM
  4. G-Money713's Avatar
    Army regulations (AR 25-2 para 4-5a8) prohibit auto forwarding of official mail to non official accounts and from providing your AKO credentials to unauthorized individuals.

    To prevent this risk, and mitigate the potential for a possible compromise of AKO user credentials, on February 25, 2008 AKO will be blocking access to IMAP from these types of sites.
    07-01-2010 02:01 PM
  5. mobiledevice's Avatar
    ouch, sucks for army guys with android...

    My firm made us all buy touchdown. I can't stand the the fact that there's no copy/paste and that emails come in as image files.
    07-01-2010 02:07 PM
  6. rortt's Avatar
    G-Money, you are correct regarding the reg; however Android devices are directly popping or imapping to the AKO servers, not forwarding any mail.

    Android devices work absolutely fine as well as do desktop clients such as Thunderbird.

    If your SMTP is not working, make sure you are on a network which allows outbound SMTP on port 465, using SSL, and reguiring logon.
    09-22-2010 04:45 PM