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    Don't see specific place to comment on issues. Hoping maybe someone else can test this as well.

    So I was on the default HTC Facebook app, viewing the Notifcations through it.
    Then received text message and clicked on the prompt/notifcation to take me into it. I type with the phone turned on it's side for text, so in that typing window it was not showing ANY text I was imputting. Yet when I turned phone or backed out to default text window it showed the text.

    Not anything phone breaking, but found it very odd that with default apps, and the premise the phone is the ultimate multi-tasker. That something as simply as text imput from normal view wouldn't display with another default app up.

    Anyways, was able to produce issue np multiple times. I can totally deal with, working as intended, if this is not a software issue. Maybe certain programs just won't or don't intend to play well together.
    05-11-2010 09:05 PM
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    Second question, does this usage seem horribly high. Considering the following settings

    Mobile Data Always On = OFF
    GPS = OFF
    Weather is set to update per hour
    2 emails set to update once per hour
    Friend Stream set to update Twitter / Facebook once per hour

    Roughly 7 total hours browsing / setting up website bookmarks and logins ect.
    Downloaded 4 Apps
    2-3 hours of Mobile Skype

    That is it, no streaming music, nothing insanely bandwidth intensive. Just couple updates to Apollo Task Manager and setting up phone since I got it on 6th. As of 30 hours ago my Data on VZ page showed at 24,000ish.

    Kilobytes 88,303.34KB Unlimited

    Is what is listed in 24 hours from then. 60,000 in 2 days with nothing running back default apps, on 1 hour check timers? Something has to be wrong here, either what VZ is showing, or horrible bandwidth issue. Should I be concerned, being I seem to as of last 24 hours been getting issues with phone calls coming through, and text messages all coming through at once... then nothing for hours...
    05-12-2010 12:09 AM
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    I can't answer your first question...I don't use FB. As for the second, I don't think it seems high, but I don't know how accurately and quickly VZW updates their page with the current usage. You did have 7 hours of web use, and 2-3 hours of mobile skype use, right? I think most of your data usage it probably from mobile skype. I'm not sure but I also think texts incoming/outgoing count on the data plan as well. It sounds like they shouldn't but I think they do, I recall old discussions from my winmo days with a motoq.

    As for stuff coming in all at once, it sounds like either mobile data off could be the culprit, or that your are somehow moving in and out of a data coverage area, so when you get back into one, it shows up at once. Could be a result of a building you are in blocking the signal? Its kinda like if you have your phone off when you fly, and someone texts you a couple times....when you land and turn it back on and it syncs up...bam a bunch of texts and emails right there.
    05-12-2010 08:00 AM
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    Would I be getting full 4 bars if I was out of data coverage? Pretty sure i'm like right next to a tower. Does make sense, just never had an issue with any previous VZ phone doing that at my current location.

    Guess maybe time to just suck it up an turn mobile data always on back on to see if I notice any change. Main issue is every day since I got the phone, I was checking back. It was going up on average about 4k - 5k per day. I have done NOTHING different in last 2 days, to get it to jump up to 30k per day. So i'm just incredible confused, guess i'll just blame as you said how they display and record there data for me to view.
    05-12-2010 08:05 AM
  5. VZWBB's Avatar
    I just looked at mine, and i have twice the usage you do. I've had my phone since the 29th, but I don't facebook, twitter, or skype mobile. Do you get a lot of emails on any given day? I'm thinking it might be a jump in skype mobile not reporting right away.

    Its like when I went to mexico for work, I had $158 worth of roaming charges on my bill. All the dates looked right, and it even showed the last call I made there. A month later and $60 more worth of roaming charges show up from the prior month. While the system is pretty good, I don't think its perfect.

    If your on an unlimited plan (hopefully), you shouldn't have anything to worry about anyways. If your tethering...well thats a different story.
    05-12-2010 08:44 AM
  6. iLLusive's Avatar
    Not really what I would consider a lot of emails, maybe 5-10 on each account per day. Defiantly could be Skype, from looking bit more into details the new My VZ page gives. Seems it's all in really small chunks of data and like once every 3-4 hours a huge block of 4,000-5,000 + is coming through.

    According to this though, I have hours and hours of nothing going on. Which is highly unlikely, guess it's just completely how they list it, but yes I'm on the 30$ unlimited package. Can you even get the phone activated without it, they told me I HAD to have it for this phone, was not an option.
    05-12-2010 08:56 AM
  7. VZWBB's Avatar
    Ehh, I don't think you have to have anything. They are just covering thier collective rears by saying that because in the past people sign up for the pay as go and get hammered the first bill, and they get to deal with that. Unless they have changed things recently, I dunno, but I heard that song and dance before too, when I knew otherwise.

    As for the chunks of data, those are probably the times when your phone is getting all those texts and emails at once. Thats the only thing I can think of. What email services do you use, comcast? yahoo? Maybe its something on that end thats messing things up. Something like this:

    Phone polls for email once an hour - nothing (small kb usages)
    Phone polls for email once an hour - nothing (small kb usages)
    Phone polls for email once an hour - nothing (small kb usages)
    Phone polls for email once an hour - nothing (small kb usages)
    Phone polls for email once an hour - 10 emails come in (high kb usages)
    Phone polls for email once an hour - nothing (small kb usages)
    Phone polls for email once an hour - nothing (small kb usages)

    and so on and so forth. I had an issue a couple weeks back with my and my daughters BB's with comcast email. We never quite figured out what the deal was, but basically I could send an email from my wifes comcast account to both our emails at the same time, and I would get it, and my daughters was 15 min later. I even switched the email accounts on both or phones and it did the same.

    then I switched the accounts back and mine started coming in 15 min later. Then they both came in at the same time. After a couple hours I gave up on it. My gmail has always come right through and I've always had wierdness with comcast. Even back in my winmo days with wireless sync, comcast acted strangely sometimes. I told her to either switch or deal with it. So far, shes dealing with it lol.
    05-12-2010 09:09 AM
  8. iLLusive's Avatar
    Email I have is .fm account through gmail, sadly gmail doesn't recongize is so was forced to setup through Imap I think it's called. Second one is yahoo account, had no issues with either, as far as I can tell anyways. Guess chunks coming in, are because I have everything set to 1 hour for most part, maybe i'll move a few things to 30 minutes.
    05-12-2010 09:18 AM
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    Ok well, really appreicate all the great feedback. Another question, that I will just figure is something i'm stuck with.

    Notifcation window open / close speed. I have looked everywhere on the phone, and it's just hugely annoying to have this open and close so fast. Half time I pull it down not enough an closes, try again.... then it just throws itself all way open and item I open is in the background and I gotta double click bar to close it.

    Anyone else experience this issue, or and I just wishing for something out of reach, that it be able to set how fast or slow it closes itself as well as maybe sensative to how it reacts to be opened. Just seems REALLY touchy to me. Thanks again for any suggestions and feedback.
    05-12-2010 11:47 PM