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    I have searched the forums, read the manual and cannot find an explanation or process to deal with "Phone" and "Google" Contacts. When I bought my INC the Verizon store maven set up the gMail account and I guess synced my Contacts because they were there when I left the store. I am a died in the wool Outlook user (2007) so I of course synced my Outlook Contact book using HTC Sync. I know have double the Contacts and while it linked most of them automatically there were some that for no reason were not linked. Because I understood that Android will only sync with Google contacts I decided to live with HTC Sync and do wired syncs with Outlook on a regular basis. I thought I could get rid of the Google contacts by syncing with Outlook and telling HTC Sync to override the device with Outlook. It looked like it was doing just that however when I unplugged the device not only were the Google Contacts back but the ones I had spent an hour linking were unlinked.

    So the questions are:

    What is the difference between Google Contacts and Phone Contacts?

    Which am I better off having on the device (I almost never add contacts directly to Outlook, always from the device)?

    How do I get rid of which ever type I decide to keep so I don't have double the contacts taking up space?

    While I never would consider going back to my BB the contact issue was a non-issue. Thanks in advance for any help.
    05-14-2010 05:45 PM