1. bearmacerick's Avatar
    I just got nesoid from the market and im looking for a good gamepad. I just saw the bgp100. has anybody used this with the incredible? i want to make sure it works before i buy it. also, does anybody have any other suggestions for good gamepads for the incredible? i liked the game gripper for the moto droid, but i dont think thatll work for the incredible...
    05-15-2010 01:54 PM
  2. bearmacerick's Avatar
    05-15-2010 11:38 PM
  3. ch2423's Avatar
    I'm holding out for Wii remote support on the Incredible. There are 2 apps in the market for it, but they don't play nice with Sense. Wii Controller IME says Classic Controller support is coming soon for it.
    05-16-2010 02:16 AM