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    I found this post on Android forums thought it might be interesting if some of us try it and post our findings.

    I too was experiencing terrible signal problems. I dropped two calls yesterday and I've NEVER dropped a single call in my 3-4 years with VZW. I looked in my phone status and my signal was a -101 which apparently isn't good. Anyways I found a site that has the newest PRL and another site with how to install. With this new PRL installed, my signal is now -91!!!!

    First go to this site: HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Newest 650XX Hybrid PRL and find the post from 5/10/10 that has two zip files. Download the 65133 zip and unzip it. You'll find an RLA file in there. Copy the RLA to the root of your SD card. Then dial ##778 and send. You'll get a popup to view or edit. Hit edit. A password prompt comes up and your password is 000000 (six zeroes). Then scroll down to PRL and hit update PRL. It'll take a few seconds for the screen to change. When it does select for it to find all files and scroll down to the 65133 file and hit okay. Then you'll be back at the previous menu. You aren't done yet though. You have to hit the MENU key and select commit. Your phone will update and restart. Congrats you have updated your PRL!

    To help others it may be beneficial to go to your phone settings BEFORE you update and post your before signal and then after the update go in again and post your after signal. If this was helpful please thank me!
    05-16-2010 12:43 AM
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    Huh my pre is 51813 I'm assuming the higher number means newer info but I have 2 questions here. Correct me if I'm wrong but when it comes to signal strength isn't the closer to 100 better? I have 1 bar and I'm at -75dBm and the closer I get to a tower the number approaches 100. 2nd doesn't dialing *228 update your prl?
    05-16-2010 01:50 AM
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    no it works oppsite

    -50 to -110 is the normal range best to worst

    the PRL should be 51866 BTW so if its not do the 228 option 2
    05-16-2010 01:57 AM
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    Thanks ill do the update. So how does the bar display create to the dBM? Cause at -74 I've got only 1 bar...not that I really pay attention to the bars. I'd the call goes through then I don't really care.
    On a side note; have you given up on the storm then? Best decision I've made as far as phones go.
    05-16-2010 02:13 AM
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    *edit*double post...sorry
    05-16-2010 02:14 AM
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    the bars and dB might not match up. but i would still go by the actual dB readout.

    And no, storm 2 still is my main device. The incredible is more like an ipod touch for me
    05-16-2010 02:18 AM
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    two threads of reference...

    HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Newest 650XX Hybrid PRL

    Flashing the VZW/Alltel Hybrid PRL( Helps a lot for some !) - xda-developers

    Loading this "hybrid PRL" pretty much doesn't do anything unless you are in an area formerly serviced by Alltel, where VZW hasn't added those towers into their own PRL yet.

    Also doing a *228 (opt 1 or 2) will overwrite any PRL that you had manually loaded onto your phone with the latest VZW PRL for your area and service plan.

    Be advised PRL's for Verizon's Americas Choice (if anyone is still on them) and Nation Wide (introduced in Nov '07) were different. (its possible for smart phone users to still be on Americas Choice plans!!). I'm willing to bet Alltel's PRL is different than VZW's. Loading the wrong PRL onto your phone could cause you more problems with coverage.

    For reference, I'm on a Nationwide plan here in Delaware, our PRL is 51866.
    05-16-2010 08:10 AM