1. orlanka's Avatar
    Someone had to ask this. Stick with Incredible, a well built HTC machine or jump ship to Sammy and the Nexus? Upgrades and costs aside, would you make the switch or hold out for something new from HTC? I'm on the fence, looking for HTC to give us some sort of guidance because it's tempting to go.
    10-21-2011 10:05 PM
  2. flybub's Avatar
    I am not sure. I've been reading quite a bit of negative press about the nexus and its hardware. I'm very happy with my Inc for the time being. I've been eligible for an upgrade since July but nothing has caught my eye. I had a 1 week affair with the iPhone 4s but I much prefer android.
    10-22-2011 01:53 PM
  3. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    I've had my Inc since it was preordered and been running CM7 for a while. Honestly, without rooting, I don't think I'll ever find a device that matches the Inc. While I'm impressed with the hardware with all the new phones, the more powerful they are, the quicker the battery is going to run down. I also have been up for renewal since June, but I just haven't seen anything I want to give up the Inc for.......yet.
    10-22-2011 03:10 PM
  4. PvilleComp's Avatar
    Other than people kvetching about the pentile screen, even though they have not seen it and have not used it, I have not seen any knocks on the new nexus hardware. I'm sorely tempted to get it, but the new rumored HTC ICS phone looks good to from the rumors (whatever they are worth). There's nothing on the market right now that would lure me away from the DInc, and CM will likely have ICS for it very soon.
    10-22-2011 05:24 PM
  5. Akuma's Avatar
    I have a droid incredible running cm 7.1 I love it so much, this phone has no lag and runs perfect. it runs everything in the market without incident. with that said, I am going to upgrade to the galaxy nexus. My girlfriend dropped her phone, damaging the screen... I am going to give her my beloved incredible.

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    10-22-2011 05:55 PM
  6. orlanka's Avatar
    but the new rumored HTC ICS phone looks good to from the rumors (whatever they are worth).
    I can't find this?

    IF HTC has something on the horizon that meets all of these, then I am in:
    1. Be on Verizon (I'm on the unlimited plan)
    2. Run ICS
    3. LTE
    4. Better specs than Nexus
    5. Drop before the end of the year.

    I love my Dinc but I'm ready for a larger screen and LTE.
    10-23-2011 11:46 AM
  7. Wanda's Avatar
    I'd stick with HTC but I'm a fan of Sense. I really enjoy CM7 too but I lean towards Sense more often than not.

    The only phone on the horizon that has really captured my eye is the HTC Vigor/Rezound. If you were to get the HTC Vigor/Rezound, you'd be able to enjoy the best of both worlds...assuming someone finds a way to root it of course. It would be like the Inc all over again, top notch specs, quality hardware, and the ability to run an OS of your liking...either Sense 3.5 (which is flippin sweet by the way) or what is sure to be a CM version of ICS.
    10-23-2011 03:57 PM
  8. Artisanthe's Avatar
    With my Dinc (original Amoled stock, upgraded to GB) tethered to my Flyer, I find I use it far less to surf the Net and for Apps in general than before. The 7 inch Flyer is much more capable and makes the phone feel very small. My next phone will be More of a Phone I think. I'll wait for an ICS Rom for now.....as I see no compelling reason to switch phones just yet. I feel the Dinc was ahead of its time.....and I have yet to see a phone that warrants the jump to the "Next Level".

    The Galaxy Nexus looks solid....but just a bit underwhelming as far as Specs go. I think it will make an excellent platform for Ice Cream Sandwich.....but it almost looks to me as if Samsung held back a bit on the "Wow" factor.....so they could trump it with their own next Galaxy III phone. The Galaxy Nexus looks like the Concept Vehicle I believe it was meant to be.....I'll watch.

    The new HTC Rezound looks great....hate the name. No NFC chip?....No Thank You.....I'll wait.

    The Moto Razr? I am not a fan of Moto Phones.....but open to persuasion. No NFC chip? This is another one I'll watch and may be the sleeper of the three.

    For now, I'll watch the first gen ICS phones and likely wait for HTC to come to bat with a better Flagship Phone sometime in the beginning of 2012. With the current Dinc.....there really is no "Must Have" feature that I feel I am missing out on. NFC Apps will mature....as will ICS. Sometime in the next six months feels right....D

    My next Phone...ICS, NFC, Good Call Quality, Good Camera with flash, Micro Card Slot, 4 inch HD Screen, Solid Battery .
    10-24-2011 10:27 AM
  9. mldiroff's Avatar
    I fall in line with a lot of the thinking that people have posted so far. It really boils down to this for me:

    1. I can do everything I need to do on my DInc right now.
    2. I can do everything I need to do FAST because I'm rooted and running CM7.
    3. I can make my phone look like anything I want it to, which I LOVE, because devs keep giving the DInc cool updates!
    4. My next phone will have someone figure out root before I buy it, because I can't imagine a phone any other way. (with the possible exception of a Nexus)

    I only rooted last summer, after I already had my phone for a year, and so maybe I'm still in rooting/ROMing 'afterglow', but I can't see having a phone that isn't rooted anymore.
    10-24-2011 02:56 PM
  10. lgsyndrome's Avatar
    I have the incredible and was thinking on getting the bionic.
    10-24-2011 04:59 PM
  11. Tripsyk's Avatar
    I have the incredible and was thinking on getting the bionic.
    Bionic is a nice phone.

    Me personally, I'm waiting for the Galaxy Nexus and switching to that. Seeing as how it's a Nexus device and the SDK is out already for ICS, devs will know how ICS works and how to move around on it and they will find a root shortly after its release. Going to a better everything with this switch.
    10-26-2011 02:40 PM
  12. orlanka's Avatar
    OK, so maybe I need to ask this question differently. What are the advantages of having a 'dev phone' vs any other phone? The obvious would be no bloat or manufacturer skin (or theme or UI or facelift or whatever) but there has to be some advantage to having the Nexus phones that I am missing? Is it just getting updates faster?
    10-27-2011 01:42 PM
  13. Artisanthe's Avatar
    Faster Updates....and a "Pure" Google experience are the Most compelling reasons to get a Nexus Device. Having said that......it is Not a Flagship Phone....or even necessarily the Best Option. The Phone is intended to be a "Hardware Platform" for an OS that Google Knows will work Correctly with the New OS and any forthcoming Updates. The fact that it is also mostly free of Carrier Influence is also a Plus. You'll have one of the first NFC Phones.....with few options for now.

    There are already more Powerful phones with somewhat better specs....and Many more will appear soon. Most of the "advantages" of a Nexus Device can be achieved by simply rooting your phone. Ice Cream Sandwich needs a little breathing room I think. Early Adopters should get the Nexus and I believe they won't be disappointed. For me.....I'll wait a bit to see what others can do with it (ICS). My Dinc is currently More than up to the task.

    I really look forward to hearing from Samsung Nexus Owners over the next month....D
    10-27-2011 10:14 PM
  14. KlugN's Avatar
    I was excited about the Nexus, but I'm becoming more and more unsure. I love my Inc and it still works great. Plus I don't know if I really want a larger screen. I'm sure that part of it is just wanting the next best thing asap.

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    10-27-2011 11:38 PM
  15. 318sugarhill's Avatar
    I was excited about the Nexus as well, but I'm very hesitant with that huge screen size. I don't much like the TB at 4.3" I do feel Apple had a point when they said 3.7" is the perfect size. I don't think I want more than 4." I have a nook color running MIUI and that is what I use when I need a bigger screen. 4.3 or 4.65 are still too small for some things (like watching MLB at bat......the nook color tethered to my dinc is perfect) but yet it is still way to big to be comfortable in my pocket.

    I like sense, but running MIUI now I see no need to stay tied to HTC for sense. Used to be hestitant of Samsung because updates took forever (but rooting fixes that). So really, as much as I am wowed by all the new specs of all the phones, I really have no need to upgrade even though I'm eligible. I feel like there are way to many new phones out there. I seems like something bigger and better will be out three months after you buy. If that is the case, I might as well just wait for mine to die, and then buy what seems best at the time. My dinc has yet to fail me, and other than NFC and a front camera, what can't you do with the Dinc?
    10-28-2011 03:20 PM