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    eWeek has an article identifying 10 reasons why RIM beats Google and Apple in the Smart Phone arena.

    I'm posting this in the Incredible because of the large number of BlackBerry converts. I wonder whether the author has used an iPhone or an Android device. As a previous BB fanboy, I used to make similar claim when I didn't have the knowledge to know better.

    When I started using my Blackberry I completely stopped using a computer for personal email and used it for after hours work mail. Aside from HTML mail rendering, it was great and figured the HTML rendering thing was a mobile device issue much like Adobe's Flash. I've been using the incredible since the release date and I have absolutely no complaints. Aside from learning curve hiccups, I haven't missed a beat. In fact, I find myself sending longer messages using the Incredible's touchscreen than I did with the Tour Keyboard or Storm screen. If email on non-RIM platforms isn't good enough, how come my office is full of iPhones and Droids that are used for Corporate mail?

    Web browsing was painful with both my Tour and Storm. I don't know how anyone can say browsing experience doesn't matter to business users. Everyone should care about quality of experience including speed to render. The number of times I just gave up with my BB is difficult to measure, I certainly don't have enough friends to help me count with their fingers and toes.

    "Apps are everything"? Ummm...yeah, because the RIM make using their storefront so annoying. I have already downloaded more from the Marketplace than I ever did from Rim's. I've even paid for a number of useful or fun apps.

    The author continues to claim that "RIM doesn't try to do too much...Blackberry OS is fine the way it is." Yikes! If RIM listens to him, they'll never recover from the swell of Android and iPhone converts. I know my $30 data plan is much better spent with a Droid than a BB precisely because it does more!

    Perhaps I am so endeared to my new phone that I missing his points...

    Steve in CT
    05-20-2010 02:58 PM
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    I think it's mostly link bait. I've heard the author co-host CNets Buzz Out Loud. I like him and he's a smart guy. I'll take the bait, however. As a soon-to-be former BlackBerry user (Storm 1), BB is a fine device, if it's just a work phone that someone is giving you. Apps are not everything, but the BB app market is pretty poor. I'll just say that if you just want a phone that does email, messaging and work stuff, yup, the BB can do that. If you want to go beyond that, Android and iPhone are the clear choices, and you can tell which of those I prefer.
    05-20-2010 03:23 PM