1. anthonym83's Avatar
    I just restored contacts with My Backup Pro after factory reset. It's trying to sync.

    In People application, it shows 1459 Google Contacts. 0 Phone Contacts.

    Notification: Delete limit exceeded.
    There are 670 deleted items for Contacts, account ____@gmail.com. What would you like to do?

    Delete the items.
    Undo the deletes.
    Do nothing for now.

    The application said it would ask this and I should choose delete items. Problem is it keeps popping up the message every few minutes with the 670 number decreasing a tad every bit. Would take hours of continuously clicking Delete option to get to 0.

    Now....Could someone explain why the mismatch?
    Why it wants to delete items (from where? Gmail from my Mac shows only 670 contacts)

    If I change People-->View to Phone. I have an empty phone book.
    If I change to Google, I have a really random combo of entries. (Old Numbers, plus Facebook friends with pics that are labeled Google Contact...but don't show up on my Gmail Google when I log in and never had their phone number on my phone....AND I haven't even setup FB after the restore...)

    What's what???
    05-23-2010 12:19 AM
  2. Qazme's Avatar
    Google has Synced with your facebook accounts. If it doesn't find matching entries it creates a new entry. So now when you install the phone it auto-magically is putting your FB and Gmail contacts on the phone.
    05-23-2010 03:48 AM
  3. anthonym83's Avatar
    Any idea how? I've never given Google my Facebook information...
    05-23-2010 09:12 AM