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    First, I have the Incredible set (under Settings, Applications, Development) to Stay Awake -while charging. And when on charge, the screen does not go off (requiring a push of the on button). But it does dim to one half to a third of its normal brightness/luminosity. This happens after the delay set to go to sleep.

    Any way to get the phone to stay awake while on charge, and to remain at full brightness? If I have it on charge, at the desk or in the car, I want to be able to see the screen!

    I know there apps that keep the screen on while running certain select applications (e.g., keepscreen), but these are active whether phone is on charge or not, and some seem to be battery eaters.

    I've scoured the forums, and not found anything on this.

    05-23-2010 10:24 PM
  2. theeroopable's Avatar
    Couple of ideas I tried:

    1. Adjusting the screen timeout to 30 minutes and just push a button when it dims after thirty minutes. Settings > Sound & display > Screen timeout > 30 minutes.

    2. Menu > Desk Clock > It would bring up the "night time" clock view, push the screen > At the bottom next to the charging percentage select the laptop with the clock image for daytime usage. Although, I'm thinking you want to see the main screen, so this probably won't be what you're looking for.

    3. And then there's those apps...
    05-24-2010 08:23 AM
  3. mklabove's Avatar
    Thanks for chiming in. I have set my timeout to 30 minutes and that at least lessens the occasions of frustration. At least I know I'm not alone.

    At first I thought I had messed up some setting. Since it is on charger and without need to conserve power, I can't see the purpose of dimming the screen under that setting. Strange.

    If it continues to frustrate, I may try one or two of those programs again.

    Again, thanks,

    05-25-2010 05:24 AM
  4. XXXdc5's Avatar
    does the term "sleep" with the android phones just refer to when the screen turns off? or is there some other form of sleep also? just want to clarify as i am new to the OS
    05-27-2010 04:50 AM
  5. pilotbob3's Avatar
    Just bringing to the top in case anyone has ideas.

    I've got a dashboard mount and powering the phone in my car. It would be nice to set the screen to not automatically dim when it is connected to external power. This would allow me to run apps like Listen and Music and still see the display without touching the screen.

    I know I can change the timeout to 30 minutes, but I'd have to reset this every time I remove the charging source to prevent the battery from draining fast. Also found an app that allows setting individual apps to keep the screen on, but again these don't seem to differentiate powered state.

    Any bright ideas?
    06-22-2010 12:31 PM
  6. Chemswede's Avatar
    New here and just joined so that I can reply with the solution I found for this.

    Download the app "Setting Profiles Lite". Lite is free and only lets you create 1 rule at a time, but multiple profiles (Actions you want it to do when the rule is happening)

    1. Create a profile that simply changes the screen time out to "Screen Never Times out" Save it as whatever name you want.

    2. Create a rule. Under conditions add a condition for Battery that when "plugged into any charger", hit OK. Now add an action to Activate Profile, and choose the profile you made above.

    Bam! When plugged into the charger, the screen timeout goes to never, and the screen stays bright, unplug it and time out goes back to whatever you had it set at!

    I have been using this for about 10 min now so I'm a rookie but it seems to be working! Make sure if you screw around in it that you don't accidentally disable the rule (I did that because I tried to make another and the Lite won't let you make 2 rules, and it disabled the first one. Just had to long press to enable it again).

    Edit: I own the Droid 2 Global so I can't promise it works for you, but I would bet it does.
    01-04-2011 10:50 AM