1. GrazzHoppa's Avatar
    My brother-in-law dropped his Incredible yesterday. Landed right on the corner and the screen shattered. It still worked though despite the cracks....maybe a case is in order...http://www.shopandroid.com/verizon-h...medium=content
    06-01-2010 05:54 PM
  2. Angmoe's Avatar
    06-01-2010 05:55 PM
  3. timlot's Avatar
    Damn. I wouldn't have cried, but would have gotten a little misty.
    06-01-2010 06:01 PM
  4. borgey401's Avatar
    that's why insurance is a MUST HAVE! Hey the 80 dollars is a lot better then 600
    06-01-2010 06:07 PM
  5. Travisl1213's Avatar
    I did the same to mine.... still works till I get my replacement
    06-01-2010 06:22 PM
  6. mobiledevice's Avatar
    my sack tightened
    06-01-2010 06:49 PM
  7. jimracing657's Avatar
    my sack tightened
    lol you and me both..i looked down at mine and wanted to give her a hug and assure her it will never be like that
    06-01-2010 11:53 PM
  8. 6s1d9's Avatar
    Mine fell off my lap onto concrete by my pool, thanks to the red Verizon snap on hard case it only resulted in a few minor marks on the case itself. No damage to the device itself. However it will be the first and last time this thing gets dropped ever again!
    06-02-2010 12:00 AM
  9. _JKK_'s Avatar
    Man... Mental note to get a case made...

    ...And I think I'll listen this time. After seeing... That.
    06-02-2010 12:16 AM
  10. SeizedPropaganda's Avatar
    Ouch, I'll definitely have to be more careful with mine. I've already dropped it twice: once at work onto a carpeted floor and once on a sidewalk /facepalm. Fortunately it survived both falls unscathed.
    06-02-2010 12:21 AM
  11. Qazme's Avatar
    I've only dropped mine once on a tile floor. Didn't even scratch it. That must have taken one heck of a fall!
    06-02-2010 12:59 AM
  12. bigk's Avatar
    NOOOOOO We must now call the google over lord for a replacement.

    Insurance is a must in my opinion. I've had to use them on my LG Voyager and they sent me one over night.

    The only thing I don't like about insurance is that there fine print says if they possiblely can't get the same phone, they will try and ship some thing equivalent to your old phone.
    06-02-2010 02:24 AM
  13. GooTz66's Avatar
    Im not gonna lie, I cried looking at that picture. And I though my measly little one foot drop with a case on was bad. I would have went on a rampage after this.
    06-02-2010 01:22 PM
  14. rpfarrah's Avatar
    Damn. I wouldn't have cried, but would have gotten a little misty.
    I would have cried. But not in front of anybody.
    06-02-2010 03:11 PM
  15. FramCire's Avatar
    I got a case that I will get tomorrow (even with the phone not scheduled to arrive for 2 more weeks).

    Quick question: If you take the $7.99/mo insurance, do you get full replacement if you drop it/mess it up by accident?
    06-02-2010 04:04 PM
  16. Lactose The Intolerant's Avatar
    I would have cried. But not in front of anybody.
    LOL same. I fumbled picking up my baby from a high chest of drawers in the garage... luckily I was able to do some contortionist / Pel soccer move and get my foot under it to break it's fall!
    06-02-2010 04:46 PM
  17. junipertodd's Avatar
    I dropped mine yesterday from waist high to the sidewalk, after it slipped out of my hand putting it in the holster on my belt. It landed on its corner and flopped to the ground. Fortunately, it was in a case that came with the holster that I got at the Verizon store. Not a scratch! Little did I know what a great investment that in-store case was!
    06-02-2010 05:59 PM
  18. jencreel936's Avatar
    Mine looks just like that. I dropped it yesterday and it was in the case with the clip that I got from Verizon with a screen protector on it. It shattered. I have insurance but they are saying it will be at least a week before they get one and I called Verizon and they are saying at least three. This really sucks!
    06-02-2010 09:04 PM
  19. TBolt's Avatar
    Even though we're all responsible for buying cases/silicone skins/whatever, I would have preferred to see HTC do a better job of reinforcing the glass on these Incs.

    That is one depressing pic, and it's not the first we've seen like this.
    06-02-2010 09:14 PM