1. DWG#AC's Avatar
    I have an unknown status icon. It is not listed in the manual. It kinda looks like an ear with two lines to the right of it meaning some kind of connection. It is to the left of the location on icon.
    06-05-2010 09:15 AM
  2. Sebastianraven's Avatar
    Drag down your notification window. The program should be there that's open.
    06-05-2010 09:22 AM
  3. DWG#AC's Avatar
    no notifications are listed. I think it is a phone status icon.
    06-05-2010 09:28 AM
  4. FramCire's Avatar
    could you take a picture of it and post it. Might help ID it.
    06-05-2010 09:30 AM
  5. pmdied's Avatar
    Sound like the GPS icon.
    06-05-2010 10:32 AM
  6. DWG#AC's Avatar
    If you mean the location on icon, I have that one, it is to left of it.
    06-05-2010 10:41 AM
  7. wowpaw's Avatar
    Hearing assistance on?
    06-05-2010 05:07 PM
  8. DWG#AC's Avatar
    YES!, that was it. Thanks so much.
    06-05-2010 05:54 PM
  9. wowpaw's Avatar
    No prob
    06-05-2010 07:55 PM
  10. Mikey1010's Avatar
    How do you take this icon off?
    06-27-2010 11:06 AM
  11. Mikey1010's Avatar
    Nevermind, I found it, lol!
    06-27-2010 11:08 AM