View Poll Results: What camp do you reside in in regards to task killer apps?

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  • I use a task killer app and I love it

    18 28.13%
  • I use a task killer app and i see no difference in my phones performance

    8 12.50%
  • I don't use a task killer app, I let the OS do its thing

    37 57.81%
  • I have no idea what this "task killer app" thing is all about

    1 1.56%
06-23-2010 04:35 AM
26 12
  1. rodeiguez102's Avatar
    Ok, now I'm ready to make my statement on task killers.

    I bought my HTC Evo on release date, my first android phone. And from day 1 the Sprint rep recommended advanced task killer, so I downloaded it, and killed apps I didn't use. 2 weeks later, after reading all the controversy on this issue, I deleted ATK. And have been using my phone for a week now without a task killer.

    So the jury is out (Now this only applies to the Evo, and my daily usage). Not using a task killer has actually improved my battery life. Didn't double it, but its a noticeable amount. But the biggest advantage is always having my apps loaded and ready to be used.

    Here's my daily usage. The web browser is my most used app, I am constantly reading articles, and watching YouTube videos. Handcent is my second most used app, I send about 1000 text messages a month. I am still new to android, so the android market is the third most used app. Fourth would be the phone app, very short calls thow. Now the rest of the apps I use very lightly, music app, Pandora, Bebbled, Facebook, music junk, Google maps, and tube Droid.

    Using ATK I would get on average 12 hours out of my battery. Now without ATK I've been constantly getting 14-16 hours out of it. For the record, I don't use WiFi, I don't use Bluetooth, I always have GPS enabled. And I have all my apps setup to only sync manually. And I should add that I have good signal in my area, I know that can be a factor in battery life.

    So Im done with task killers, I didn't enjoy managing my apps and memory anyway, so I'm kinda relieved. And I'm glad I gave them a chance, I don't like to simply take someone's word as truth. And I would recommend you all give both worlds a try for yourselves. Everyone's usage will differ, and just maybe, a task killer really can be a benefit to some.
    06-23-2010 04:35 AM
26 12