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    Approximately 2 weeks ago, I had over 1100+ photos taken from 10/11-9/12 in the camera gallery on my HTC Incredible. A few days later, I discovered that I only had @700 photos in the camera gallery. There were approximately 300-400 missing photos taken from 12/11-4/12. Last week, I plugged my phone into my PC and became relieved when @2,000 items were located and imported. However, once that was completed I had less than 50 viable photos. Most were unknown images and/or FB friends photos (from my list and those I play online games with that are not in my list) and/or known images from the online games. Tonight, I discovered there were only @35 photos in the camera gallery, not including a few taken today or a few days ago. Again, I plugged my phone into my PC and were able to locate the @700 photos under removable disk G in the DCIM/100 Media file (including the ones taken in the past 3 days). I then located the remaining @35 photos on the camera under removable disk I in the DCIM/100 Media file. While I'm happy to have recovered the majority of my photos; especially after tonight's discovery of all photos being nearly wiped out...I still can't locate the 300-400 missing photos taken within a 4-month time span. Ironically, when the import process begun to Adobe Photoshop 845 items were displayed from disk G but I had to exclude 126 as they were photos of web pages I've visited on my phone! I've gone through all the file folders under both the G and I disk drive; however, I'm not able to open everything. So, big question is where are those last several hundred photos??? There are at least a few hundred files under both the G and I disk drives in the LOST.DIR file with sequential numbering which I'm hoping are photos but don't know which program to use to access! HELP!!!
    10-01-2012 02:17 AM
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    I have been experiencing a similar issue on a Galaxy S III, though last night it did the same thing with all the music files I had copied over to my SD card in addition to the photos.

    I have learned that the files in the LOST.DIR folder are in fact the missing files, and they can be recovered with relative ease, assuming you know they are all the same file type. If it was a combination of things (photos, videos, music) then it will be a bit tricky, but try this if they are photos.

    Hook up the phone (or pop out the SD card and hook only the card up) to your PC and copy all the files in the folder to your hard drive for backup. Then go in, and rename one to include a .jpg at the end. If you can then open the photo, then you can probably recover your files. I don't know enough about windows file management to know if there is a way to batch-rename all the files or batch convert them to jpgs, but this worked for me on the handful of files I experimented with. Now, if you have a mix of file types, it will be more difficult, since renaming a movie file as jpg won't work, and same with music. To my eyes, there is no obvious way to tell the difference without experimenting.

    Frustrating issue, and I just put in a new SD card to see how it would do, and noticed that damn LOST.DIR folder has now been created on it, though so far since I haven't moved anything back to the new card there is nothing in it. I wish I could figure out what's causing the issue.
    10-09-2012 04:01 PM
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    I'm having same problem here. still haven't find solution.
    Welcome to Android Central! I don't really have an answer for you, but this problem highlights the absolute importance of backing up your photos on a regular basis, especially if they have a lot of personal meaning to you. Never rely on a mobile device as the sole repository of your memories, because devices fail or get lost or stolen, and files get corrupted. This is part of the reason why Google now gives you an Auto-Backup feature that automatically backs up a photo to Google+ immediately after you take it.
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    04-10-2014 02:21 PM
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    Welcome all to the forums. I agree with B. Diddy that always make at least one backup. If they are that important, make three.

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    04-10-2014 04:12 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central....ENJOY
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    Welcome to the forums at Android Central!

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    Welcome! I'm also new here.
    Hello! I recommend starting your own Intro thread. All new members have the right to one, and it makes you more visible.

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    Hello, welcome to the forums!
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    Welcome to AC.
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    Moving thread to the HTC Incredible forum.
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