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  • Stay on Pre Plus :[

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  • Droid X

    4 16.67%
  • Droid Incredible

    20 83.33%
  1. howser87's Avatar
    Can't stand the issues with the Palm Pre Plus on vzw, I want to know what people's opinions are on the Incredible vs X debate.

    I know the X has problems right now, but don't all phones starting out?

    Moving from a Pre, so battery life will never factor in my concerns considering I get about 5 hrs now.

    Thanks for opinions.
    07-28-2010 02:57 PM
  2. DougFNJ's Avatar
    There's really no debate. If you like a very large screen, you purchase the X if you like a smaller screen, you go with the Incredible.....what's the debate?
    07-28-2010 03:04 PM
  3. kelleybp's Avatar
    I absolutely love the Incredible, and do not regret my purchase decision in the least. That being said, if I were buying a new phone today, I would get the Droid X.
    07-28-2010 05:04 PM
  4. howser87's Avatar
    Thanks for the input guys, I have been hearing and reading a lot of this same thing. It definitely means they are both awesome phones. I just don't know if the X is too big, ya know?
    07-28-2010 07:25 PM
  5. rpfarrah's Avatar
    It's too big for me. Now, the Fascinate (when it comes out) might be a different story.
    07-29-2010 09:13 AM
  6. Charmed Juan's Avatar
    the two phones are all but equal. The x has an HDMI out, if that is important, then get the X. Other than that, It's all about the screen size.
    For me, I have big hands and even bigger thumbs. So I am trading in my Dinc for an X as soon as they become available.
    07-29-2010 12:18 PM
  7. _JKK_'s Avatar
    If you even halfway like the smaller feel of the Pre, you will hate the X. Flat out hate it.
    07-29-2010 12:26 PM
  8. ThirstyTurtle's Avatar
    Have had the Incredible for 2 months now, best phone I've ever had (I've had 21 of them). Just got the X two weeks ago (full price, OUCH!) and I like(d) it more than the Incredible but returned because I'd rather have the ~$600 than the X. So essentially, I love my incredible, but if you gave me the choice between the two, I'd have the X. Typing is significantly easier on the X due to the large screen and the large screen was welcomed. I'm a small guy, only 5'4" but the X didn't feel strangely large in my hands at all. So get the X if you have the option!
    07-29-2010 01:15 PM