1. owensch1's Avatar
    Where does ringdroid save the ringtones that i make. I cannot find them for anything. Its very frustrating! I use astro but still cannot find them. Someone please heeeeelp.
    08-02-2010 05:06 PM
  2. owensch1's Avatar
    Oops, ringdroid
    08-02-2010 05:08 PM
  3. FramCire's Avatar
    Mine saves mine in the ringtones folder

    when you go to change a ringtone, it is in the list.

    NOTE: Ringtones and notifications are 2 different folders
    08-02-2010 05:25 PM
  4. FramCire's Avatar
    Sorry media/audio/ringtones on sd card
    08-02-2010 05:26 PM
  5. owensch1's Avatar
    Thanks a ton, i would have never found that!
    08-02-2010 06:01 PM
  6. LDubs's Avatar
    slight hijack here, apologies in advance - I've never used an audio editor before and attempted to use ringdroid the other day and was totally confused. Is there a tutorial somewhere or can someone lay down the basics for me?

    08-03-2010 10:23 PM
  7. FramCire's Avatar
    Open ringdroid

    find an mp3 or record your own

    Use the sliders to find the section to cut


    You got a portion of a song for a ringtone
    08-03-2010 11:01 PM