1. wavechaser's Avatar
    On my Incredible, I love to use Folders. It keeps my desktop nice and clean, and I can fit more apps in a folder, than I can on an entire screen.

    The thing I hate? If I open an applications (my primary folders are on my main screen), when I go back to the home screen, the folder is still sitting there, open, and every time I have to "back out" of it.

    Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing that will automatically close a Folder once I have selected an application from it?
    08-06-2010 12:21 AM
  2. rpfarrah's Avatar
    Hmmmmmmm. Not that I know of. Maybe there is some app in the Market that will handle folders differently. Or maybe a different launcher would do that for you.
    08-06-2010 06:41 AM
  3. krelvinaz's Avatar
    FolderOrganizer is a great program that creates shortcut folders like Email, Internet, Tools (or whatever you want to call them). You select which apps you want to be included and then use the shortcut on your desktop.

    When you click on the shortcut, you get a menu of the items you wanted to include. This greatly improves managing your desktop space.

    I use a couple on my main screen and others like games, multimedia etc.. on other screens.

    There is a FREE version as well as a paid version 0.99
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    08-06-2010 08:34 AM
  4. sloan31's Avatar
    I'm using Smart Shortcuts, will do exactly what you are looking for.
    08-06-2010 09:30 AM
  5. dharr18's Avatar
    Smart Shortcuts is what I use, very easy interface and very intuitive. You apply tags to your programs, so they can show easily in multiple folders. Very slick and very free. I wish the developer had a donate because this program is one I would like to pay for.

    Smart Shortcuts Help

    AppBrain Link:
    Smart Shortcuts - Android app on AppBrain
    08-06-2010 09:37 AM
  6. wavechaser's Avatar
    Thanks guys, that's exactly what I was looking for! Appreciate it.
    08-16-2010 02:49 AM