1. Grasschopper's Avatar
    Ok so I am loving my DInc and trying to find more ways to use its functionality...I would like to be able to use Skype...primarily the SMS chat from my Dinc but every time it logs in it says there is an error and can't log in. I can log in just fine from my PCs just not my phone.

    Am I overlooking something here?

    Is there a program that consolidates off of my chats (Yahoo, Google talk and Skype) that would work better?
    08-20-2010 01:47 PM
  2. nicball's Avatar
    I don't know of any IM clients that also do Skype chat. I use skype on my phone a lot, but mostly for calling. I've had no issues with it. There may be an issue if your PC is signed into Skype while your phone is too. I do know that all incoming Skype calls get whacky if two clients are logged in.

    IM+ has a lite version, it does a lot of different clients, give it a try!
    08-21-2010 03:33 AM
  3. ebarr727's Avatar
    I use Skype and have no problems with it. If you haven't already, try uninstalling and re-installing.

    I just installed Trillian (beta) but it doesn't include Skype chatting as far as I can tell, although it includes all the others (AIM, GTalk, etc.)
    08-21-2010 06:09 AM
  4. Grasschopper's Avatar
    Ok so I uninstalled and reinstalled and I am logged off of all of my PCs that have Skype. It looks like it is going to log in and then kicks out and says it can't and to try again later.

    08-23-2010 12:17 PM