1. Hitch_Itch's Avatar
    This is the second time I have installed the "Missed Call" app on my dinc.
    I am totally beside myself that the dinc doesn't have a missed call reminder built in. All my other phones I have owned in the past 4 years have ALL had it

    Anyway, I am a Electrical Contractor, and the job site is noisy at times so I dont always here my dinc ring.

    The Missed call app gives me a sound notification immediately after the phone stops ringing, But it wont remind me after that. I have repeating enabled for every 2 minutes.

    This is how I have set it up, Did I do something wrong?
    menu/add service/added call service/general settings/enabled notifications, led disabled, vibrate disabled, sound enabled, sound file set to (old phone), repeat enabled, repeat pattern=2 minutes

    It all seems correct to me, when I miss a call, remind me every 2 minutes with old phone sound until I acknowledge it

    Anyone Else having issues or maybe a better app to use for this?

    Thanks All for any input on this
    08-22-2010 08:32 AM
  2. Hitch_Itch's Avatar
    Any suggestions?
    08-22-2010 12:28 PM
  3. Brian38501's Avatar
    Ken...I have the Missed Call app on my DInc as well and it doesn't work for me unless I add a specific contact in the setup. This may not be the solution for you if you want to be reminded no matter the caller but for me it worked. The only missed call or text I am worried about getting notifications on are from my wife so this suited my needs. Sorry if this doesn't help.
    08-22-2010 01:13 PM
  4. Hitch_Itch's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply, Looks like this is not the app for me, I need a missed call reminder for all missed calls, lots of business calls that cant wait two or three hours till I noticed I missed a call.
    Cant figure out why HTC didnt have that feature in there build, makes no sense, all the android bells and whistles are awesome, but its still a phone, not a tiny laptop

    08-22-2010 02:31 PM