1. logan78511's Avatar
    When I click browser I want to search for stuff locally or by voice search. It shows my location being the city my apartment is in. But I am in another state right now visiting family. I click update over and over and it still shows the city my apartment is in. I went to my settings and cleared all cache and location access. Still when I come back it remains the same city.

    I tried it without the wifi and GPS on and with the wifi and GPS on. I took my battery out and restarted the phone and still the same thing.

    I really like this feature of the phone so I'm hoping someone knows a way to fix it. I might have to redownload advanced task killer because that will shut down the internet and I can restart it and it usually was a blank location and had to find it when I had that. Now I don't use ATK.

    I'm not sure after saying it's acquiring location why it would go back to a location I haven't been at for 3 days.
    09-05-2010 03:17 AM
  2. logan78511's Avatar
    I re downloaded Advanced Task Killer and killed the internet and went back into it and it STILL is not showing the right location. I even went into settings and website settings and manually cleared google so it would start fresh. Still shows where I was a few days ago.
    09-05-2010 03:20 AM