1. Echoes's Avatar
    Hokay, so long story short, I killed the screen on my first DInc on accident. My new insurance DInc came in just now, and I was able to get it up and running by swapping the SD and using Titanium Backup.

    But how do I go about transferring the internal storage? As the screen is busted, I can't see the screen to mount the phone as a disk drive to the computer. Is there any other way of transferring the internal storage? Maybe there's a way to mount the phone as a disk drive through ADB?

    Thanks in advance.
    10-06-2010 12:01 PM
  2. Echoes's Avatar
    Nothing? Can I maybe go to a Verizon retailer and ask them to transfer it for me?
    10-06-2010 08:55 PM
  3. PvilleComp's Avatar
    You could use the Video Out cable and hook it up to your TV, assuming that the Touch screen still works. Then you could use File manager to move stuff to the SD card.

    Hope this helps.
    10-06-2010 09:13 PM