1. slinky317's Avatar
    So ever since I upgraded to 2.2, for some reason I'm not getting app update notifications nor are any of my apps updating automatically. I have to go into the Market and load up my Downloads folder and only at that point will I get notifications and apps will automatically start updating (sometimes). Also, there are a number of apps that I have to set update automatically that still require me to go in and update them manually - and not just when they change permissions.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts? Thanks!
    10-07-2010 08:11 AM
  2. zhelf's Avatar
    i too noticed i never get the little notification about updates until i go into the market which is annoying but i just check daily so im not too concerned and i dont use the automatic updating.
    10-07-2010 12:00 PM
  3. sloan31's Avatar
    Same problem here...still haven't found a solution.
    10-07-2010 12:11 PM