1. unseenme#WN's Avatar
    since they changed the screen from AMOLED to LCD, has there been improvements in the visibility in the sunlight? I'm ordering my new phone Friday & right now I'm going with the DX but my original choice was the DInc & one of the reasons I decided against it was this. I work outside so I don't wana have to strain to see the screen. To me it's still a sexier phone than the DX but that 4.3" screen is just awesome so I'm trying to be 100% sure about my decision. Thanks for any input!
    10-12-2010 12:01 PM
  2. diet_beal's Avatar

    this is a link to a different thread where a couple people suggest the new screen on the dinc performs better in direct sunlight; however, i can't offer any personal experience with the new screen compared to the DX. you could always give it a shot and return it within the trial window for a DX. good luck with your decision!
    10-12-2010 12:58 PM
  3. unseenme#WN's Avatar
    thanks for the link. Biggest thing I'm also trying to avoid is the re-stocking fee, if they charge one for the swap.
    10-12-2010 02:34 PM
  4. jrv331's Avatar
    How can you tell which screen you have other than trying to compare screens.
    10-12-2010 03:56 PM
  5. Angmoe's Avatar
    How can you tell which screen you have other than trying to compare screens.
    menu>settings>about phone>hardware info...Hardware version 0002 is AMOLED, 0003 is LCD. Last I heard this is how you can tell for sure
    10-12-2010 04:28 PM
  6. engineer2001's Avatar
    Mine (got it Friday) has version 0003. I can't see it at all when in direct sunlight. Coming from a Blackberry Tour, I was used to my phone getting washed out in sunlight. So no biggie for me.
    10-12-2010 08:52 PM
  7. unseenme#WN's Avatar
    between that & the reported not-so-good battery life, looks like I'll be sticking with getting the DX then. I had the Samsung Rogue with the AMOLED display and it was gorgeous...til I went outside. It's like it disappeared, literally. I returned it for that reason only. Lots of bright sunshine where I live so I want a phone that's easy to see in sunlight. Or easier at least...
    10-12-2010 09:13 PM
  8. TuRtZiLLa's Avatar
    in all honesty, i just picked mine up yesterday after dropping off the fascinate and I can't really tell the difference.

    just my 2cents
    10-13-2010 05:13 PM
  9. mclarryjr's Avatar
    I boat with a guy that has the X and comparing our phones there isn't that much difference at all in the direct sunlight. IMHO the Dinc screen shows up pretty well in the sunlight compared to my past phones listed in signature. I do plenty of out door activities and have never had a problem seeing the screen if the backlight is turned up all the way.
    10-13-2010 05:18 PM
  10. BSG75's Avatar
    I know my AMOLED Inc is pretty bad in direct sunlight. It's fine in normal sunny conditions. I have not seen other devices with my own eyes to see how much better they are, be they an X or iPhone 4 or whatever. I wonder just how good any device can be in high-noon direct sunlight. Luckily I'm rarely in a situation where the only angle available is a direct sunlight angle.

    I hope you find an Android phone that works for you.
    10-13-2010 06:19 PM
  11. rpfarrah's Avatar
    I have yet to see a good screen in the sun, and I don't think you're going to get anything better with the DX. But, whatever works for YOU is what you should get.
    10-13-2010 11:21 PM