1. Slick Finger Flicker's Avatar
    Warranty Replacement Droid Incredible Question About The Optical Square Lense On Back Of The Phone.

    I just Received this New Replacement and I Noticed that the New Phone has this Little Dot on the Optical Lense Thingy on the Back of the Phone by my Original Phone Does Not Have it and I was Wondering if Anyone out there had this Dot on thier Phone and if this was anything to worry about?

    If you guys do have this dot, I would Appreciate it if you told me that you guys did have it and if you guys dont have it, I would appreciate it if you told me you didnt have it please.

    If you take the back cover off the back of your phone, That Square Lense at the Top Right of your Phone, Please Let me know if you have a Little Dot Inside of it. My New Phone has a Little Dot in the Bottom Right Corner of that Lense.

    Let me tell you why I am exchanging the phone anyway,...

    Sometimes when I turn my phone on the 3G isnt on and I can't access anything so I'll have to turn the phone off and back on and then the 3G will be there. This didnt start happening until that one day I received a notice that there was an update on my phone and I needed to turn my phone off and back on in order for the update to take effect,... Normally I just put my phone in to sleep mode and just hit the volume to wake my phone up when ever i needed it but anyway,... Thats when the problem stared,... About a month ago. Sometimes when I turn my phone on, I'll be typing in my password which is like 6 characters long and in the middle of it the screen for the password will just go away and the desktop for the phone will just appear with everything working,... Now that Pisses me Off!!

    Sometimes when I get to my phone desktop the screen starts flashing all over the place, When I try to go to one place on the phone it just goes back to another place that I had just been on the phone.

    I hope this new replacement works out just fine.
    We'll see.

    Let me know if you guys have that Dot on your Lense on your Phone Please.

    Thank You
    Slick Finger Flicker
    A.K.A. Jim
    10-26-2010 02:49 AM
  2. zrxoa1's Avatar
    That is the speaker you are referring to. Can you get a picture of it for us....if need be, use the Inc and a mirror. By the way, I have had my original Inc since April, no dot on the speaker.
    10-26-2010 07:41 AM
  3. mpcrowell's Avatar
    Isn't that a water-damage marker?
    10-31-2010 04:08 PM
  4. haigdaniel's Avatar
    your problem with the 3g is not a problem with the phone. it is actually a glitch in froyo 2.2 software. you have exchanged the phone for no reason as this will happen again.
    11-01-2010 08:18 AM