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    Hey folks,

    Something very strange has been happening with my DInc for over a week now.

    For some reason, my phone won't ring when it receives an incoming call. I've found that it will light up and the screen will turn on, showing who the caller is, but it will not vibrate or ring at all. A few things of note:

    1) I tried following the directions in this post but it didn't work. I laid the phone on its flat front, and no vibration ever happened. In fact, once I picked it back up, the screen would not turn back on no matter what button I pressed. I ended up having to pull the battery.

    2) I have tried to go into the Sound settings to potentially fix the problem. But I can't. I press menu>settings>Sound> and then see the sound menu. But, as soon as I tap "Ringer Volume" the screen freezes. Eventually, the process times out and I get an error with the option of Force Close and Wait. If I force close, it goes away. If I wait, nothing ever happens. I have repeated this more than 5 times, each time with the same result. Sometimes, the whole phone will freeze up and I have to pull the battery anyway. I have also tapped "Phone Ringtone," and the list displays, but none of them will play. As soon as I tap anything in the list, it freezes just like it does for ringer volume.

    My sounds for SMS/MMS, emails, alarms, and Peep alerts all work just fine and I have no problems.

    Does anyone have any advice here? Do I just need to return the phone to VZW and ask for a new one? I'd hate to have to do a factory reset because of all the apps and data stored on my phone (side note: if I do have to factory reset, what do you all recommend for keeping the same apps and data?)

    10-31-2010 12:01 AM
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    Well, if anyone cares about this, I think I narrowed it down to the ringtone I was using. I've had the same ringtone (MP3, which I put on the SD card) when I first got the phone in April. It must have become corrupted recently. Today, I removed that ringtone (actually, it DISAPPEARED) and put in a new ringtone. Works perfectly now.

    Weird, but fixed.
    10-31-2010 10:42 PM
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    Thank you for your post- it worked! from 2015
    05-14-2015 12:02 PM