1. Hovia's Avatar
    I was thinking about making my own NAS from scratch with some tinkering.
    It doesn't have to be pretty.. just has to work.

    I have
    An HTC droid no longer on a cellular contract.
    A droid power cable
    A standard WD Sata HDD
    A home Wifi network
    A box full of other old computer stuff.

    So what I want to know is, can I turn the droid into a NAS controller?

    Maybe root it ( no experience in this), install a linux distro (again no
    experience) or something, buy some powered usb adapter cable?
    01-10-2015 01:33 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    All you need is to replace Android with NAS firmware. (FreeNAS is Linux-based, but you'd have to compile it for an ARM CPU. And figure out a way to load it into the phone. A plain bare box desktop with a few GB of RAM would probably be pretty cheap, or you could even find an old two core duo ready to go for a few bucks, and you could just install FreeNAS on it. Much simpler, and it's made to be hit constantly - a cellphone isn't.)

    Assuming your router doesn't have a USB connector on the back. If it does, plug the NAS drive (an external drive or an internal drive in a $20 USB box) into it. The router has the NAS firmware in it. The drive will show up as a network drive.
    01-10-2015 01:52 PM

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