1. baul0010's Avatar
    Ive tried a couple very good custom roms and would love to keep them on my phone but they drain my battery so bad I always end up reverting back to my stock rom. Why do the roms use more power and is there anything I could do to improve the battery life with a custom rom?
    01-25-2011 02:47 PM
  2. msdpace's Avatar
    Which custom roms are you using? I've had much better battery life on custom mods than I did stock. Getting a good kernal will really help with battery life as well. What kernal you want will depend on whether you have a sense based rom or an AOSP rom. For sense, I'd suggest Redemptive Revolution ROM with the included kernal (lou's #9). For AOSP, I'd go with Cyanogenmod 6.1 or 7.

    Also, if you're running an app killer, you should probably uninstall that as they aren't needed and use up battery.
    01-25-2011 03:17 PM
  3. bkorver's Avatar
    Also, try looking around in the Rooting, ROM's, and Hacks section at the top of the forum. This has been beat to death up there and a lot of people that know what they are talking about have weighed in...
    01-25-2011 04:17 PM