1. socialillz's Avatar
    so recently i was having problems with my Dinc w/ version 2.2 installed. I did a reinstall in hopes of solving the problems i was having. But after the reinstall i have lost all the stock ringer/notification sounds.

    when i go to change a sound albeit for emails, sms or ringer sounds via settings/sounds i get this weird option

    "com.htc.app. HtcRingtonePickerAct" <----- when i click that it gives me only the default verizon sound. just one sound! ugh, getting disgusted.

    can anyone please help. i want all my stock ringer and notification sounds back!
    01-31-2011 03:51 AM
  2. rossguy's Avatar
    I was looking for the same thing and found my answer from Taylor Wimberly over on the AndroidandMe forums. Credit to him!

    "You can grab the audio resources from cyanogens site here http://n0rp.chemlab.org/android/audio-resources.zip

    Just unzip them to your SD card and you should be able to browse them."
    01-31-2011 03:56 PM