1. mobilemedic20's Avatar
    Wondering if anyone has any tips for me. I recently had to delete all the events on my primary Google calendar in order to import a new calendar into it. I did this successfully on Google calendar on my PC. However, the deletion did not sync to my phone, even after manually syncing the calendar on the phone. The events stay no matter what I do, but they're long gone on Google Calendar online.

    So I imported the new calendar, and now the phone shows two series of events in the same calendar. The calendar has tons of entries and I don't have the patience to delete each one manually. I'm not sure why the deletion didn't push to the phone!

    Has anyone else seen this? I have the calendar now unchecked so the events don't show up, but its my primary calendar so I want it to work properly (and I don't see any way to change the primary calendar).

    I'm rooted running the latest version of Senseless Revolution, which otherwise works perfectly. Could it be ROM related? Is there some way I can manually delete a whole calendar from the phone and then let it resync?

    02-03-2011 01:18 PM
  2. JoeJ#AC's Avatar
    Check your calendar settings; you can view more than 1 calendar at a time.
    02-05-2011 10:06 AM