1. Forgetful's Avatar
    I'm wondering what everyone is getting at far as average time and usage. I want to compare.

    I'll start

    Non rooted
    Stock battery

    Takes 18 hours to ~15/20% remaining battery

    7 or 8 hours of that I spend sleeping
    Phone is awake ~4 hours
    Probably 0.75 hour of internet
    Couple app downloads
    Maybe 40 minutes of games like angry birds, sudoku, blackjack
    20-30 texts in and 20-30 sent
    About 10 emails read
    1 hour of Pandora over 3G
    Maybe 10 minutes on a phone call

    Is this about average?
    03-08-2011 10:54 PM
  2. jammin's Avatar
    I'm on my phone pretty constantly during classes. It's down to 40% by lunch time when I take it off the charger at 7:30 A.M.
    03-08-2011 11:33 PM
  3. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    Stock 1300mah battery was dead by early afternoon with moderate to heavy use. I bought the 1800mah battery from HTCExpress.com and I'm getting to early evening before having to charge. I take mine off charge @7am weekday mornings.
    03-09-2011 03:48 PM
  4. BSG75's Avatar
    2250 mah battery.
    CyanogenMod 7 RC2
    Bump charge twice.

    Maybe a half hour with the screen on and latitude running.

    Listen to a lot of mp3s and Google Listen, as well as some browsing & tweetdeck.
    Maybe a little Pandora.
    I'm on 3g.

    On wifi.
    General checking in on social networking with some emails and texts.
    Watch a little youtube.
    Read Google Reader news stories.
    I don't play a lot of games, maybe Angry Birds and Galcon occasionally.

    Airplane mode OFF charger. AS long as it's in Airplane mode, and you don't need to answer calls or messages, your phone will last a long time. I usually put on a 2 hour music playlist as I fall asleep.

    I get 19 hours or so, then I recharge. I'm usually at 5%-15% when I recharge. I have a big battery so I usually turn the phone off and do two bump charges, which can take 3 hours. Basically, I start charging around 6am when I wake up and finish at work around 11am. The extra time is because I check for messages during this time, so it's not completely out of commission.
    03-09-2011 05:07 PM
  5. Dperks17's Avatar
    20hrs cm7 rc2 seidio 1750 heavy use
    03-10-2011 08:47 AM
  6. mclarryjr's Avatar
    Any where between 10-18 hours depending how much use using warnZ and Seidio 1750.
    03-10-2011 11:21 AM
  7. plemelin's Avatar
    I get between 24 - 48 hours. I do usually turn it off when I got to bed.
    03-10-2011 02:45 PM
  8. Jude526's Avatar
    I have the 1800 mAh battery as well. I can get 15 hours of use. It is my only phone and I do charge nightly. But this battery definitely gives me longer usage.
    03-13-2011 01:16 AM
  9. jayarh1's Avatar
    around 14-16 hours with moderate to light use using an htc 1500 mah battery. running stock not even rooted.
    03-13-2011 04:51 AM
  10. pegleg#AC's Avatar
    I have the 3500 seidio battery. . . I charge it every other night with one bump charge with moderate use every day. I love not having to obsess about the battery condition!
    03-13-2011 08:12 AM
  11. jas o's Avatar
    About 8 hours at work Seidio 1750 with BT headset. At least 100+ emails a day, I use as my primary office phone. When I surf though I can just wathc it literally drop 2 or 3% at a time.
    03-13-2011 04:40 PM
  12. davidnc's Avatar
    avg time on stock battery18hrs moderate use

    sent using TaPaTaLk
    03-13-2011 04:43 PM
  13. RUSH's Avatar
    The actual hours.. I can't really tell, but I'm on a lot and one battery last a good amount of time. Infact...I'm shocked that since this morning I haven't change battery yet.
    03-13-2011 04:58 PM
  14. 318sugarhill's Avatar
    I wake up at 6am and power it on. Take it work, get a HORRIBLE signal in the cinderblock building, so I use it sparingly to check emails, and run the news app I have at lunchtime. Depending on the day and usage with such a low signal (no wifi at work, closed security network) I'm down to anywhere between 50% and upper 60's%. Come home, surf some, play some games, pretty heavy use on Wifi, and that lasts me to 9 or 10pm before I get the connect to your charger notification. All in all, decent battery life, could be better, but lasts the whole day so I can't complain. Although I did get a Nook Color and hacked it so I do a lot more on that now when I'm home, so my Dinc battery is not taking the hard beating it once did.
    03-13-2011 05:48 PM
  15. Forgetful's Avatar
    About 8 hours at work Seidio 1750 with BT headset. At least 100+ emails a day, I use as my primary office phone. When I surf though I can just wathc it literally drop 2 or 3% at a time.
    Exactly what I noticed. Especially when I'm browsing on 3G, the battery will drop 5% with only a few minutes.

    Also Angry birds east battery BAD.
    03-13-2011 10:45 PM
  16. Jowlah's Avatar
    I am a heavy texter. I get a lot of them from friends, ESPN, CBS Sportsline, etc. I check the internet every now and then during the day and look for email. On a day like that, with the stock battery, I can get between 17-19 hours. If it's a day with lighter use, I can get 24-30 hours. The most I have gotten is 2 days, 4 hrs. and 50 secs. It also depends on what apps you have running, too.
    Perfect example; I used Google maps today in the car with my mom driving back from a family member's birthday party today. When we started the trip, my battery life was at 52% (I have the app "Battery Status", great for percentages, puts the battery life in numbers in the notification bar). By the time we got back to our destination an hour and a half later, the battery was down to 2%! The GPS will kill your battery, but I think everyone knows that. I was just shocked it drained it THAT fast! But on average, I get about 20 hours.
    03-14-2011 02:26 AM
  17. Igloo Thomas's Avatar
    I logged all my battery data for about a month. I have a standard battery and two HTC Express 1800 mAh batteries. I recorded 10 uses on each one from fully charged to completely empty (on stock rom and kernel).

    On the standard battery, I averaged 18 hours.
    On the 1800 mAh batteries, I averaged 16.5 hours.

    The statistics were quite varied though. My shortest charge was 8 hours and my longest was 30 hours, and I used the phone more on that longest charge then on any other.
    03-14-2011 04:10 PM
  18. zero neck's Avatar
    I get about 16-20 hours per charge on the stock battery running cm7 nightlies with the slayher or incredikernel .37 kernels and moderate usage.

    But it's all about what you use. gps!!! and keeping the screen on forever.
    03-14-2011 05:14 PM
  19. DerekCA's Avatar
    Battery life has been great for me.

    If you want to improve your battery life, get rid of your widgets and turn down the frequency that programs update. I can easily get a full day.

    I am at 12h31m since unplugged and I have 51% remaining. I don't think the battery life could get any better.
    03-15-2011 11:45 PM