1. typhoone's Avatar
    The 9th of this month I went and picked up the motorola droid from verizon to give it a shot. Now i see the incredible is coming out on the 29th. Is this going to be a substantial step up from the droid? I realize that the camera is a good bit better, but past that is it really going to be Incredible? lol. if it seems so then i'll just go grab that one instead when it comes out. Just asking for yalls opinions.

    04-15-2010 04:07 PM
  2. rew001's Avatar
    Faster processor, better camera, full touch screen, no physical keyboard.
    I'd say on paper it's a better phone.

    But I like slab phones and prefer software keyboards. I don't like sliders, flips or spinny type phones either....just something else to break. I don't own a Droid, and will own the Incredible, but I've heard the Droid keyboard is disliked by a good portion of it's users.
    04-15-2010 04:23 PM