04-28-2010 05:29 AM
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  1. scodoublet's Avatar
    If I procure one of these phones I will nickname it "The Incredible Talk" and give it a nice green Incredible Hulk theme and probably even put a copy of The Incredible Hulk movie on it! Not the Eric Bana one, it sucked... The Edward Norton version was much better!
    04-22-2010 03:47 AM
  2. 2nybbles1byte's Avatar
    If I win I will finally have my first touch screen phone that I have been dreaming of. Plus, I am a chic! I will honestly promote and tweet where the phone came from....you know Android Central. Because it is all about you baby! I will be able to keep up on all the tech news and gadgets on the go. I will be a happier female and hey isn't that what all guys want

    I will be unstoppable, I will be Incredible, because I am woman!
    04-22-2010 07:42 AM
  3. ivansar3's Avatar
    I have read/seen every article/video available for this phone and it is by far the best phone I have ever seen.... With this phone I will download all the apps that I can, use it for productivity especially at school, will record my lectures on it, use it for email, and keep an organized agenda, and when not in school use all the awesome features like its superfast processor and the amazing camera... I will do everything that I couldnt do with my RIM Blackberry 9530!!!
    04-22-2010 07:49 AM
  4. batch2k1's Avatar
    I will finally be able to leave my crackberry behind, which is a BIG deal!
    04-22-2010 08:37 AM
  5. taeisme's Avatar
    I am a fan of Android so I have the Droid now but getting an Incredible would be awesome. I like to tweet, take photos and try new things with the Incredible. So if I win this Incredible, it will shut my kid up because he will get my Droid.
    04-22-2010 08:38 AM
  6. silvertaloncs's Avatar
    When you send me the Incredible, I'm going to change the ringtone to Al Michaels saying "Do you believe in miracles? YES!" just to give me that constant reminder that the phone should be cherished.
    04-22-2010 08:47 AM
  7. aneweira's Avatar
    I just picked up the droid eris, and not even a week later the incredible was released.
    I would do everything I do with my Eris on my incredible, except incredibly better and faster. I would use facebook,tweet,google. I would check forums (including this one), keep photos and videos on it. I would use apps and games and it would be incredible. But if I dont win ill wait for the eris to be discontinued and smash it...thus getting me an incredible with my warranty agreement. Or possibly better by that time...
    04-22-2010 08:51 AM
  8. rdrum's Avatar
    I would use my HTC Incredible to not only make phone calls and use a lot of really cool applications, but I would also use the 8MP camera to document my journey to reunite John Davidson, Fran Tarkenton and Cathy Lee Crosby for a reunion broadcast of their hit show "That's Incredible!" Come on, HTC - am I the only one who sees the parallels and marketing potential here?
    04-22-2010 08:56 AM
  9. litfire's Avatar
    Catch a tune made for me,
    Snap a picture Incredible to me,
    Surf the web in style Incredible,
    Live my life in Incredible.

    Incredible thats what you are,
    Incredible though near or far,
    How the things you do for me,
    Never before has someone done more.

    (Sung in my best Nat King Cole voice )
    04-22-2010 09:16 AM
  10. mrbill187's Avatar
    I'd have the incredible ability to be productive\efficient by reading the news while dropping a deuce. You can't fathom how much lost productivity has amassed over the years! HELP!
    04-22-2010 09:25 AM
  11. kevpowerhouse2's Avatar
    With the Incredible, I will BE INCREDIBLE. Everything I will do will be INCREDIBLE. The way I drink my coffee will be INCREDIBLE. The way I watch TV will be INCREDIBLE. The way I eat my food will be INCREDIBLE. The way I "drop bombs" will be INCREDIBLE. I don't have "swagger" right now, but I will when I have an INCREDIBLE. My "beer belly" will magically turn into a Six Pack the moment I hold the INCREDIBLE in my hand for the first time! Things will happen to me that will be so INCREDIBLE, but I cant talk about i here because its so top secret and the second you read about it, your eyes will water and your skin will crawl and you will flee from the room because you just realized how INCREDIBLE I WILL BE WHEN I HAVE AN INCREDIBLE. Amen.
    04-22-2010 09:36 AM
  12. binny1070's Avatar
    Well, here goes....
    I lost my job last week friday, i was planning on buying the inc. but now that i am jobless i will not be able to. So what i am going to use my inc. for is finding a new job. Not just any job, a Incredible job. I use my phone as my primary internet, so with the bigger screen it will help me apply for more jobs.
    04-22-2010 09:44 AM
  13. costeve's Avatar
    I would use my new "Incredible" to take down all of the EVIL "Initech" style corporations from the inside! Not by using it's amazing computing power and blazing highspeed connection to hack my way in mind you. Rather I would use the "Incredible's" tremendous Multi-Media powers to create a Virtual Disco - complete with the entire "Rick James" Catalogue on queue and wonderfully mesmerising visuals on the beautiful screen - held high for all to see! My "Incredible" and I would begin our plight of freedom from with in the local Initech branch (No Really! We have one!) by forming the first "Open Source" Multi-Company Conga Line! We would Travel through all of the local corporate parks - setting free each and every one of the "Shut In" style Cubicle Rats..... Pressing them to join our Conga-lined freedom train - until we have evenually, with the help of the "Incredible", freed every one from the evil clutches of the Cubicle Cramming, Freedom Crushing (not to mention late sleep and video game hating) Corporations!

    That my friends - is how I would put to use MY "Incredible"!

    Thank you! I am here all week! Try the Veal!
    04-22-2010 09:47 AM
  14. Icon's Avatar
    Im not going to spew out all these horrible "Incredible" puns to make you pick me. Honestly Im not even expecting to win this contest, but I will still have the phone. I've been patiently waiting for this device since I first heard about it (insider from VZW) in January. I will use it the way I use my Droid, everyday, and very heavily. I've been an Android lifer since the original G1, and when VZW gets the iPhone, I will not switch. To me there is no OS that even comes close to Android.

    04-22-2010 09:53 AM
  15. anon(4608)'s Avatar
    I want my family and friends to envy me "Incredibly" every time I take it out. I want their happy thoughts about their phone to be destroyed after looking at what the Incredible can do. I want to be asked, "hey what phone is that?" every time i take it out, and i will say, this is not a phone, it is the Incredible. now get me a beer.
    04-22-2010 10:40 AM
  16. damjr312's Avatar
    If I were the owner of a Droid Incredible, I would use it to do all of the things that I can't do (or can't do well) with my BlackBerry Storm. I would also be able to move all of my music off of my iPod. At that point - I'd be happy to give both of these devices to an incredibly deserving individual while still being able to enjoy both (and much more) with my new phone. Sounds corny - but it would only be fitting to continue in the spirit of generosity after winning something as incredible as the Droid Incredible.
    04-22-2010 11:18 AM
  17. Giorivera's Avatar
    Hello Android Central,

    I firmly believe the meaning of upgrading to the next best phone, which is clearly the Droid Incredible, is to increase productivity. Isn't that why everything gets faster, more efficient, and powerful with each step up? Of course I use all of the great extra features, but I always prioritize the advantage of any product based on how it will improve my lifestyle. With that being said, in my industry, I am an I.T. Specialist and increased productivity is the number one goal in the field of I.T. in all facets. I am often on the go so portability and efficiency is important to me. I have been a Verizon subscriber for quite some time and service is amazing; I cannot picture myself using any other service. I have had the Blackberries, the Palm Treos, Windows Mobile Phones, and I am currently using a Touch Pro 2 at the moment. Great phone, however I am ready to move to the next level. I have hacked my Touch Pro 2 to dual-boot to Android in order to use and test the Android Platform, which is amazing. I am convinced and excited about Android being what a Smartphone OS is suppose to be. I believe Android is the future along with getting a nod from the father of Linux (Linus Torvalds) and now uniting with the Linux Community, Android is gaining momentum to dominate. I am excited about the Droid Incredible, I have followed it since the beginning rumor mutterings and dreamt about one day owning one. I also firmly believe the Droid Incredible is the epitome of what an Android with the latest cutting edge technology is supposed to be, with the perfect illustration of increased efficiency, power, and productivity. I can't wait to have one in order to install the many great apps available, including the upcoming Log Me In app for Remote Support, and the many VNC Apps available. Hence helping me with increased productivity and efficiency in my field. I own an iPod Touch, and even though its cool for what it's worth, it seems like the Verizon iPhone rumors are now playing catch-up to what the Android OS offers. The Android OS along with the Droid Incredible gives the user freedom and liberty to do many things that its inferior competitors lack and are poorly trying to emulate. With that being said, I am excited about the Droid Incredible and for what it will do and accomplish for Verizon, Android, HTC and the Smartphone industry.

    P.S. Why on earth Android Central is not in the leading run right now on those Wirefly Blog Awards is beyond me. I have checked out those other Android Blogs, and yet I catch myself checking out Android Central more often than the others because you guys are clearly the best. Android Central always has the latest breaking news quicker than any other. Especially with the Droid Incredible coverage, amazing reviews far better than any other. Keep up the good work.


    Future Android Owner and Fanatic
    04-22-2010 11:21 AM
  18. Music Ian's Avatar
    I will start a band, which will become the next incredible band everyone loves (like the Beatles - only different styles). With my fame, I will advertise everything Android related. And I'll teach my DROID INCREDIBLE to make me a sandwich (but of course!)
    04-22-2010 12:01 PM
  19. Unfranchise33's Avatar
    What do I want to do with my new HTC Incredible? Well, let me start off by saying I am a current hard-core BlackBerry user. I always have at least four programs running on my Bold at any given time. While I love my crackberry, (and Kevin and the gang), I am at my wits-end with RIMís OS. Memory leaks, poor developer environment, constantly having to reboot and wait 8 minutes- I canít take it anymore. I am ready to take the plunge into the strange and wonderful Google universe.

    The Incredible seems to be the obvious choice. What will I do with it? I want to stream Pandora in the background all day at work over the nationís best network and blue-tooth it into my computer speakers. I want to remote-start my car in the winter when there is ice and snow all over it. I definitely want to use Googleís free turn-by-turn directions and stop paying Telenav $10 a month to get me lost. I obviously want access to all my friends all over the world with Facebook and follow all the goings-on on Twitter. Of course I want to use location-based profile switching for work and home. I clearly want to hold down all of my Mayor-shipís in Foursquare. I have to have constant access to the Android Central Podcast while in my car. I want to meet new, like-minded Android friends that are pushing the limits and finding new ways to do things through their phone.

    My girlfriend (er- soon to be wife) and I are going to have a baby in November. I want to use Google-Talk-Video or Qik or something to stream the birth of my baby to family and friends live! (Maybe I should discuss that with her first?) Ė Nah- she will be fine with it, or get over it, one or the other

    I want use slingbox (when it comes out) as a remote baby monitor. I also want to monitor the rest of my house too. There seems to be no end to the possibilities with Android! Who knows what else I will do with the Incredible? But rest assured, I will push that snapdragon to the limits and then some!

    Keep up the great work, Android Central!
    04-22-2010 12:55 PM
  20. agarrett527's Avatar
    I will give this phone to my wife so she can make even better dinners for me because the BB Storm that she has is a POS and is slowing down her cooking abilities. I've lost 9 pounds in the past 3 weeks because of this. The Storm is slowly eating away my insides and I can't do anything about it. She's in need of something INCREDIBLE to help stop the suffering.

    04-22-2010 01:14 PM
  21. karagounis's Avatar
    I live in Tampa.
    With this incredible phone, I'll be able to sit on the beach and poke my iPhone friends with text, messages and pics.
    I'll keep asking them "Don't you want this INCREDIBLE PHONE?"
    04-22-2010 01:29 PM
  22. ECas123's Avatar
    What will I do with it? Well, I've never had a cell phone before so I'll be like a kid in a candy store. Browse the web, play games, take photos and videos for YouTube, download tons of apps, and so so so much more. I'm out in the of Yucca Valley in California and the only good carriers out here are AT&T and Verizon and there's no chance in hell I'm getting that bastardized Backflip. Pretty much the Incredible will be my new appendage.
    04-22-2010 01:57 PM
  23. atlas9171's Avatar
    With this Incredible phone I will finally be able to dump my not so incredible Blackberry and it's drab, boring OS and I will instantly become Mr. Incredible.
    04-22-2010 02:04 PM
  24. rmoffitt321's Avatar
    I may be overstating things a little but my wife and I have had a little friction lately regarding cell phones. I've always been the geek who lives for what's next and my wallet has paid the price. From the very first mention of a phone actually named "Incredible" my inner child has been working on just the right way to aquire it short of throwing a temper tantrum in the Verizon Store. I've gone on and on about its Incredible features and how awesome and customizable the Android OS is. I've bragged about how I would use the phone to completely change my life and become an Incredible Husband to her (Who needs to stop and ask for directions when you've got the Incredible). My wife is a smart lady and she read through my thinly veiled suggestions that I could use a new phone and threw down the gauntlet. She said, "Why should you get a new phone? When is it my turn to have the latest and greatest?" She went on to say, "When you get me an Incredible we'll talk about getting you one." Talk about a backfire... I didn't expect to have the tables turned on me so quickly. Without knowing it I had become an accidental phone salesman and I had an interested buyer. We are not due for our "new every two" upgrade for another 6 months but I was able to convince her that if I can get her a Droid Incredible she would make an "Incredible" sacrifice for me and let me take our next upgrade.

    So what would I do with the Incredible? I would keep the beautiful woman I'm married to happy! When I really think about it, she truly deserves this phone.
    04-22-2010 02:10 PM
  25. Reazen's Avatar
    If I won the HTC Incredible I'd use it to replace the Dos Equis man as and title myself as "The Most Incredible Man in the World." My Storm 9530 is holding back my ability to grow the epic beard necessary for the title.
    04-22-2010 02:24 PM
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