1. donaldkdc's Avatar
    I've been searching this file all over the web sites, but I can't find any of avaialbe download sites.
    Please, help!!!
    11-28-2011 11:10 AM
  2. luciersean's Avatar
    I need this too
    12-04-2011 04:51 PM
  3. basedmaster's Avatar
    i need this file horribly my phones is done for with out it
    12-23-2011 09:07 AM
  4. ChillFactorz's Avatar
    12-23-2011 04:52 PM
  5. DroidXcon's Avatar
    I have it somewhere ill post it up in a bit

    Why do you guys need DI01 btw?
    12-23-2011 05:38 PM
  6. ibthevivin's Avatar
    I'm following up on this as well. I desperately need it for my little sister's phone. I screwed up. I'm a terrible big brother.

    Sad times yo. Thanks a million! Happy holidays btw.
    12-26-2011 03:20 AM
  7. ibthevivin's Avatar
    Nevermind. I found one. DroidXcon, please post your copy just in case if this is a bad one. Thank you.

    12-26-2011 03:24 AM
  8. johnsma22's Avatar
    If you guys looking for Dl01 think you need it to get your phone back to stock for Verizon for some reason, there is no need to go that far back anymore. Verizon has officially released Froyo as ED05 and Gingerbread as EH03. So flashing the ED05 or EH03 stock packages will get you where you need to go.
    12-26-2011 09:52 AM
  9. littlejrhodes2011's Avatar
    i still need the files,links are dead
    02-22-2012 11:36 AM
  10. lpt2569's Avatar
    02-22-2012 02:36 PM