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    Yes, I am new to rooting so cut me a little slack. I'm running SC3 with the stock kernel. Very basic. But I'd like to try to get the new swype beta if that's possible without too much trouble. Any suggestions?

    02-10-2012 06:52 AM
  2. sparesr4sissies's Avatar
    Yup, it's not too complicated to do, as long as Swype isn't already installed on your phone. You just have to go to Swype | Type Fast, Swype Faster and sign up for the beta program, download the installer, sign in and set up Swype. I didn't have any problems installing it. You may want to make sure you're on a wifi connection when you do the installation though, because the install files are pretty big.
    02-10-2012 10:26 AM
  3. Cuda52774's Avatar
    Oh, sorry, I guess I was assuming that everyone that had a verizon Fas had swype pre-installed. Do I need to look for a ROM that doesn't have it installed so that I can then download the beta? I'm pretty happy with SC3 right now and would hate to have to get rid of it but I'll try something new if I can maybe get the beta.
    02-10-2012 03:45 PM
  4. sparesr4sissies's Avatar
    You can still do it, but it's a little more complicated. You have to use a file manager to delete the old Swype files first. When I did it, I used Root Explorer, but you can use any file manager that has root access.

    There are a few steps to follow to get rid of the old one, then you can install the new one.
    1. Change keyboard to default Android keyboard. (or anything other than Swype)
    2. Delete (using a file manager): /system/app/Swype.apk
    3. Delete (using a file manager): /system/lib/libSwypecore.so
    4. Reboot phone
    5. Use Swype Installer to install new version of Swype.

    Hopefully this helps. It was a pain in the butt the first time I tried. I didn't know about having to delete the lib file.
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    02-10-2012 08:07 PM
  5. Cuda52774's Avatar
    Are there any risks involved? I guess I should get the invite to the beta before I start erasing files, huh? LOL.
    02-10-2012 09:02 PM
  6. sparesr4sissies's Avatar
    As long as you're careful, there really aren't many risks. If you end up not being able to sign up for the beta, there are still places where you can get the files for Swype.
    02-11-2012 10:32 AM
  7. Cuda52774's Avatar
    You forgot data/data/com.swype.android.inputmethod but I figured it out. Thanks a lot.

    02-13-2012 07:26 AM
  8. motoprof's Avatar
    I have been using beta swype for about a year now and love it. It just keeps getting better and better with each new version.
    02-27-2012 09:22 PM