1. M4tty's Avatar
    I've had this ROM for a few weeks now and 2-3 days ago I started having a weird issue with my 3G service dropping out. Not falling back to 1x but disappearing completely, no network connection. It cycles back and forth all day doing this and I know because yesterday I was listening to music for about 4 hours yesterday and when 3G connects for the first time (like going from WiFi to 3G) it causes my music to skip for a second and it did this all day yesterday. It's a fairly consistent 1 minute (approx. sometimes it varies) on and 45 seconds off (again, approx.) when I try to use it. Sometimes I will wake my phone and have a 3G icon and I hit internet, google loads but the Upstream/Downstream arrows don't light up and then poof my 3G icon is gone as soon as I search for something. If I wait a minute it comes back and I can use the internet fine for a minute or so (sometimes not even that long). The weirdest thing is when I'm in a 1x area it doesn't drop out at all. It's obviously slower than 3G which is normal but it stays connected and is consistent. As soon as I get back into a 3G area my 3G icon will begin disappearing and I will lose connection again. I've been ready to destroy this phone at least 100 times and again I find myself on the verge. Up until this I have had no complaints with this ROM and it was actually my favorite of all the different ones I've loaded. I've reprogrammed and updated my PRL data but all to no avail. Verizon is overnighting me a replacement piece of sh-it, I mean Fascinate but I really really want to use my upgrade on something non-Android. Verizon reset things at the tower level and that didn't help either.

    ROM: TSM Resurrection/EH03
    Baseband: EC09
    03-21-2012 05:55 PM
  2. fordeleteonly's Avatar
    Me too, have to go back to Supper Clean 3 Milestone 2.
    04-28-2012 11:04 AM
  3. sfobrien's Avatar
    I'm another one who has tried "all the rest" and went back to Milestone. My device runs awesome on it. Like the ICS but I need my device to be fully functional.

    Waiting on the Galaxy SIII !
    04-28-2012 11:24 AM