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    So it has admittedly been a very long time since I have been on these pages and I am looking to update my phone to the latest and greatest (but still completely stable ROM) but I seem to have forgotten how I got to where I am currently at. I was going to put the news AOKP ICS rom on my phone (not really sure if thats the most advanced stable rom running but thats what I came up with) but was looking for a little advice. I currently have GeeWiz 2.6 and EH03 on my phone; the clockwork/restore program I have is green and I am not sure if thats up to date, but I truthfully forget how I got to where I am and how to get back.

    I know how to Odin and how to flash, but I am so outdated I don't quite now where to pick back up from when I left off. Any help or basic starting point from where I am at know would be such a huge help? I am not sure how to restore to stock from here, if my recovery is current, etc. Thanks in advance.

    Still amazed at the dedication to the phone and awesome devs, thanks
    10-09-2012 07:32 PM
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    You may as well go onto Jelly Bean if you're going to update. Jelly Bean is very stable. Look into AOKP or CM10. There are threads out there on Rootzwiki or XDA on these 2 ROMs and how to install them. If you want ICS same thing just find the threads and follow instructions.

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    10-11-2012 01:05 PM

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