1. hillview's Avatar
    I flashed back to stock after multiple roms and problems. I am completely stock and ota'd up to edo4. My problem is that I can't sign into my gmail or the market? I have triple checked my username and password and even changed my password, but I keep getting the username and password are incorrect. Any Ideas? I can sign into my gmail from my computer , just not my phone
    07-10-2011 09:42 AM
  2. hillview's Avatar
    So after 3 hours on the phone with verizon tech support ( what a waste of time) they are sending a newly refurbished phone. I can go to google from the browser and sign into Gmail but it won't work through the gmail app or the market app. This may be the beginning of me getting a droid charge or Galaxy S II
    07-10-2011 06:30 PM