1. doncerda's Avatar
    So i use widgetsoid 2x for different toggles and whatnot and i saw one that said "wireless tethering" i added it and turned it on and then a (i guess official vzw icon) apeared in the notification bar... does that mean i just incurred some crazy amount on my next bill? I cant imagine this being free.. aside from this question i would like to know what apps there are for wireless tethering.. im gonna buy tab 10.1 and i am not paying for 4g.. so i want to tether the fascinate...i know barnacle does it.. any other ones? non root as well?and ones that obviously wont let bug red im using it.. don't wanna give them more of my money no offence
    09-17-2011 05:19 PM
  2. mikethemedic's Avatar
    Have you tried to log onto my verizon and see if they charged you? It should show up there if you activated any services.

    I believe when you activate tethering you have to agree to terms of service and what not. If it just came up with an icon and no official splash screen asking you to activate tethering i think your ok.

    Hope this helps.
    09-18-2011 09:37 AM