1. prodig33's Avatar
    The issue I have is that when I plug the usb up to my laptop, or charger, my phone goes crazy. I have pattern lock on there, pattern lock goes bonkers. Once unplugged though, everything is normal. Once plugged in again, and i try to do things on my phone it goes bonkers again, wtf?

    any work around? is this just me? or anyone who has this same problem? if so how did you work around this, thanks.

    Another thing is, is there a way when i plug it up to my computer, that i dont have to go and mount? where the computer just reads it automatically like a mass storage? anything would help thanks.
    09-11-2010 03:23 PM
  2. prodig33's Avatar
    Found the answer on xda site, if you use a generic usb cord, it'll make the screen go bonkers.
    09-11-2010 04:45 PM