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    I am selling my HTC Incredible because the 3G reception on it is horrible. I have never had just 1X coverage as much as I have with it. Anyway, I will be getting the Fascinate or X to replace it so can someone who has had these phones give me a comparison of the reception? I don't really like the X it's very ugly and the moto software is horrible. I'm hoping the fascinate will be better. It's much more polished and closer to the Sense UI.
    09-11-2010 10:46 PM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    Someone posted that the Fascinate was comparable to the Inc. I came from the Droid 1 to the Fascinate, and the Droid 1 was better for 3G reception. So, you are probably better off going with the Droid X if reception is your top priority.

    ATM, I am considering either going back to my Droid 1 and waiting for something better, or exchanging the Fascinate for a Droid X. The problem is I got 2 Fascinates as a BOGO deal and my wife loves her Fascinate (had an HTC Eris with horrible reception). I would have to either return both Fascinates, or pay an additional $199.99 for the Droid X if I return just 1 Fascinate.
    09-11-2010 11:12 PM
  3. DamnRock's Avatar
    Not sure how true it is but I've been reading that the fascinate is a BOGA (buy-one-get-ANY) deal IN STORE (BOGO online)... if you're thinking about getting an X, it might be worth your time to ask about this. As long as you buy the 2nd phone within 30 days of the first, it'll count on the BOGO/BOGA deals.

    I'm actually returning an X right now to get another Fascinate... bought an X on the 3rd (arrived on the 10th), then bought a Fascinate for the fiancee on the 9th, received the X on the 10th and returning it for a Fascinate so I can take part of the BOGO deal for myself. I would have considered keeping the X if I hadn't bought it BEFORE the fascinate and couldn't get it free.

    Oh well, I like the hackability of the Fascinate and I'm a big tinkerer so I think I need that.
    09-11-2010 11:24 PM
  4. jrkrace's Avatar
    To the op,
    In my experiences with the Inc, it had better reception than the Fascinate.
    09-11-2010 11:40 PM
  5. xliderider's Avatar
    To the op,
    In my experiences with the Inc, it had better reception than the Fascinate.
    Ouch, that's bad news for the OP.

    As far as getting the BOGA deal for the X, I asked a salesperson in the Verizon store but he said it was just BOGO. Don't know if that was correct, but I may call CS and ask them as well.
    09-11-2010 11:56 PM
  6. Stargazer#AC's Avatar

    I am not qualified to discuss comparisons, for this new Fascinate is my first droid, which I purchased mainly to get Google Sky Maps. I live in a very fringe area. Every cell phone we've had does well to maintain one bar and most of the time I put it by a window and use the blutooth. My excitement over the Fascinate rapidly fell away when I found I cannot keep a signal. Constant drops. The only thing I can figure is Samsung rubbed Preparation H on the antenna to get it in the smaller "chin." It's all to likely I'll return it before the 30 days are up and just do without a droid. I am thouroughly disappointed in this costly, worthless-to-me device. I think if I were in reach of a tower, it would be a wonderful tool. But where normal phones struggle to keep a conection, the Samsung Fascinate is anything but fascinating. What good are bells and whistles if there is no signal to sound them? Last I heard Verison or no other company cares to put up towers where customer base is sparse. Yet they charge just as much as they do people who burn the bandwidth at both ends. I'm not spending my money for them to upgrade facilities for town folk.
    11-10-2010 12:31 AM
  7. NickA's Avatar
    The Fascinate isn't a Droid, but it is does have the Android operating system. The Droid phone Verizon offers are the Droid 2 (or Pro), Incredible and the Droid X. Those phones have the "Droid" tag attached to them.

    At any rate, the signal strength on the Fascinate is comparably weaker that the 4 other devices I have sitting next to me. In my case however I live in a decent reception area.

    Try calling *228, and selecting option 2 (or *22899).

    Don't give up on Android though. Give a Motorola Droid X a try. Go to the store and compare signal strengths with some other Android phones. Android phones are available on the other carriers too. So check out the coverage of AT&T and T-Mobile.
    11-10-2010 12:40 AM
  8. F34R's Avatar
    I have a Fasc, and the wife has the Dinc. I'd have to say my signal is stronger than hers in rural areas, and they are usually the same in more urban areas.
    11-10-2010 07:57 AM
  9. earsly's Avatar
    I have had many phones and the fascinate has been the one with the weakest signal. It drains my battery pretty bad. I live in San Jose, CA too! I'm hoping there's a software update in development that would fix this...but I doubt it. Weak antennae.
    11-10-2010 09:41 AM
  10. nmyeti's Avatar
    I have a Fasc, and the wife has the Dinc. I'd have to say my signal is stronger than hers in rural areas, and they are usually the same in more urban areas.
    I have had both and my house is a cellphone signal black hole. I get a bit better reception on the Fascinate (and better battery life). The only thing i really miss is chrome-to-phone.
    11-10-2010 11:06 AM
  11. egg_head's Avatar
    I have both phones.
    One work, one personal and they are almost identical in terms of service.
    Fascinate is superior is every other category.

    [tapatalk on android]
    11-10-2010 06:44 PM
  12. dbdynsty25's Avatar
    The Inc and the Fascinate are comparable to me. I've had all of the higher end Android verizon phones and they are the bottom of that list. The Motorola's get better reception overall without a doubt in my mind. I live in So California tho, so reception isn't that big of a deal to me because it's generally good wherever I go. However, at work, if I go to the basement, I can get signal on Motos but not on the Inc or Fascinate. So that is my rudimentary test that is 100% accurate.

    BTW...after using all of the phones I ended up going with the Fascinate as my daily driver. Everything else about the phone is pretty solid but that certainly doesn't mean it's a signal grabbing powerhouse.
    11-10-2010 07:36 PM
  13. chaddymoff's Avatar
    I'm getting better reception with the Fascinate than I did with my Incredible, particularly in my office building.

    The bars sometimes seem to read lower than I would expect, but that hasn't affected performance. Not a dropped call, no one has had trouble hearing me, and I've not had trouble hearing anyone.
    11-11-2010 04:43 PM
  14. zakth's Avatar
    Reception on the Fascinate is not as good as reception on the Motorola Droid, I found that out just the other day. Motorola phones are known to have good reception though. Perhaps there is a way to boost the radio on the Fascinate.
    11-28-2010 01:37 PM
  15. Cory Streater's Avatar
    Based on my experience the Fascinate is on par with the Droid X and Incredible, but yes the Droid picked up signals where those 2 phones never could - my office being one of them.
    11-28-2010 02:45 PM