1. Syntaxx's Avatar
    Disclaimer: This is my first Android device. I dont know what a normal amount of UI lag is for a smartphone. That being said, I've heard people acclaim the Galaxy S line as being a highly advanced piece of hardware and I think what's going on in my phone is a bit unusual.

    Symptoms: The phone lags during a variety of operations. Coming from the lock screen, the display stutters (rather than zooming in smoothly), changing between screens there's a sticky lag. Coming out of any phone menu back out to the home screen is very jerky.

    Basically, almost any transition animation is laggy/jerky/hangy/sticky/whatever. Both my girlfriend and my mom have this phone and neither of them hang as much as mine.

    Here's a list changes I'm running:

    LauncherPro(full), the google search widget from these forums, Weather and toggle, Advanced Task Killer, and a smattering of apps that arent interface related.

    The only reason I'm concerned is because the laggyness seems to have gotten a little worse over time. Is there a way to troubleshoot to see if I've got a resource hog slowing me down?
    09-21-2010 06:37 PM
  2. computergeek737's Avatar
    Personally I would recommend both rooting and removing (moving) all of the bloatware programs from your phone. I too had this problem at times and now after doing both the root and crap removal it is running a lot smoother.
    09-21-2010 06:50 PM
  3. Syntaxx's Avatar
    I understand that rooting may fix some of this, but my point is that my phone does this, while my mother's and girlfriend's phones dont. They're not rooted. I'd like to know why.
    09-21-2010 07:00 PM
  4. NickA's Avatar
    Not to start a controversy, but get rid of the task killer and reboot the phone. Also, if you are running LP, make sure you delete all the widgets and unused screes from the TouchWiz interface, then restart LauncherPro.
    09-21-2010 07:06 PM
  5. Syntaxx's Avatar
    Does just turning the phone off, then on constitute a reboot? Also, I already disabled all widgets/unused screens in touchwiz.

    Also, this problem manifested its self prior to loading ATK.
    09-21-2010 07:08 PM
  6. KH29's Avatar
    My Fascinate was acting a little laggy too, so I go rid of the weather and toggle widget I had on and that seemed like it helped the lag significantly.
    09-21-2010 11:03 PM
  7. Syntaxx's Avatar
    Hmm..sounds like money well spent.
    09-22-2010 12:24 PM
  8. dbdynsty25's Avatar
    And obviously get rid of any Live Wallpaper you have running. Those things are the devil. Look cool, but eat resources.
    09-22-2010 12:37 PM