1. Scootty83's Avatar
    I was debating on getting the fascinate, but I'm glad I did. Aside from all the bloatware (especially that Bing crap), I love it! No problems. GPS works great, screen is awesome, and it's FAST!

    However, I thought that it came with an FM tuner! The users guide online states that it does and that it was supplied with headphones (it wasn't):


    I know that some of the other things listed on there aren't on the phone, but for each of them that aren't it states that it may not be available in that region, except for the FM tuner.

    Anyone know anything about this? Does it actually have one, or no?
    09-30-2010 12:07 AM
  2. anon(19758)'s Avatar
    I'm willing to bet the hardware is capable of it, but verizon likes to restrict functionality on their phones. The Droid X has it enabled by default and the d2 had it via a hack. Hopefully a hack arrives for the Fascinate soon. Perhaps you can look into whether the d2 hack is compatible? I don't know much about it, but you may need root access to enable it.

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    09-30-2010 12:12 AM
  3. Aspiring Developer's Avatar
    You may prefer "TuneIn Radio" to any FM tuner. I get stations from all over the world.
    09-30-2010 02:50 AM
  4. Sabban's Avatar
    I use TuneIn Radio also and im very pleased with it.
    09-30-2010 05:18 AM
  5. Kevin Gossett's Avatar
    The user guide is just for the Galaxy S, not specifically for the Fascinate... There is no FM tuner on this model
    09-30-2010 07:46 AM
  6. egg_head's Avatar
    FM Tuners are over rated on these phones.
    Download a radio app instead like others are suggesting.
    I use Radiotime myself.

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    09-30-2010 07:53 AM
  7. Cory Streater's Avatar
    The chipset used in the Fascinate does not have an integrated FM tuner, like the chipset in the international versions does.
    09-30-2010 08:02 AM
  8. Scootty83's Avatar
    Alas, it is true. I found this:


    Kinda sucks. If I had known that it didn't have an FM Tuner, I would have bought the Droid X instead.... But I'm not going to switch. I love the Fascinate enough to keep it and not have an FM Tuner. I can keep it for the next year or two before I want to upgrade. Besides, just imagine how cool the phones will be in the next two years! I remember in 2003 when I got my first picture phone with "internet". Now look at what I have. It has more computing power than the moon landers did in the 1970's. Actually more than my Windows 95 computer in 1996.

    Anyway, as for the streaming radio apps, they are cool, but in my line of work I don't always get a strong enough signal to stream where I am, but FM radio is almost always present.
    10-01-2010 07:59 PM