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    I posted this in the help and how to section as well but thought I might get an answer here.

    So while trying to send some pictures earlier I clicked on attach in the stock email app... and waited... and waited... and waited... finally the pretty little force close box came up. I've tried removing all accounts, clearing the cache, heck I've even installed K9 and Maildroid to test them but I don't really care for them much.

    Any ideas on what's causing this problem?

    Verizon Fascinate
    Rooted w/launcherpro+
    10-05-2010 04:50 PM
  2. bilbotn's Avatar
    no one has any ideas what could be the cause of this?
    10-05-2010 10:05 PM
  3. bilbotn's Avatar
    I just wiped the phone back to factory settings and it's still doing it. I'm about ready to return this thing and go back to my LG Voyager.
    10-06-2010 01:45 AM
  4. bilbotn's Avatar
    found the gremlin. fixed. now to reload everything.
    10-06-2010 02:02 AM