1. Unknown User's Avatar
    Wonder someone here can help me with this or know of a work around. So I had a pattern lock on my Fascinate, girlfriend tried to unlock phone, she failed, and it gave the too many failed patterns. So the Fascinate asks me to enter my gmail user name and password to unlock.

    I've entered my gmail user name and password and the Fascinate then keeps saying invalid username and password, please check and try again. I know my gmail username and password is correct, I even went to google.com and was able to log into my gmail with the same username and password I was typing in, and was able to log in with no trouble at all. So went back, still no luck, kept getting the invalid username and password when I enter my gmail username and password. So I decide to do a hard reset on the device, look it up on how to do one for a Fascinate, and manage to do it and as soon as it gets done it automatically pulls up the failed pattern attempts screen and asking for gmail user name and password, needless to say it keeps saying invalid username or password. I've done about 3 hard resets and keeps going to the failed pattern lock screen after each hard reset.

    So does anyone here know of a work around or what might be causing this? I don't think it's my gmail username or password since I can login just fine on the gmail website.
    11-09-2010 12:45 PM
  2. shaundizzle's Avatar
    strange. your girlfriend owes you one haha

    but it should work, the only thing i can think of maybe you are putting in a capital letter at first for your password? or maybe forgetting to put @gmail.com

    online they used to not require that but now they do for some reason
    11-09-2010 01:14 PM
  3. Unknown User's Avatar
    No capital letters in my password and I do enter @gmail.com at the end. Either way I think I'm going to have to take it down to the VZW store and see if they know of a fix, or least get it replaced out.
    11-09-2010 01:59 PM