12-19-2010 12:38 AM
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  1. DAFFYDC's Avatar
    I'm counting the days in which I'll be eligible to part ways with my BB Storm. December 21 will be the day I can get myself a new phone. I'm leaning towards the Fascinate and I've been glued to this site keeping up with the news so I'll be ready for when the time comes. I've heard there were issues with the GPS, signal strength and overall call quality on the Fascinate that is giving me some doubt. The thing that bugs me the most is the lack of support that either Big Red and/or Samsung is showing for this awesome looking phone. Which makes me wonder if I should just get a Droid X (since it's running froyo, supposed to have better call quality and having a dedicated camera button helps too). I'm hoping that Fascinate owners can help me out. I'm not looking to root the phone. I love the Super AMOLED screen and would prefer Touch Wiz over MotoBlur. Have any of you experienced any issues with the phone and do you feel that the updates that were promised months ago are right around the corner and will hopefully fix any of the "bugs" that would make me feel a bit more comfortable making my decision? I've noticed a few people that have switched from a Droid X to the Fascinate. If so, why? I really want the Fascinate but I also want to make calls on the thing and hope I don't get a crappy signal. My Storm (while it sux) does have full bars constantly and it does work to make calls (everything else like the web browser sux). Sorry to ramble but I'm counting the days and can't wait until it's time to upgrade. Just asking for a few opinions.

    12-10-2010 09:56 PM
  2. Smitty_82's Avatar
    The biggest thing, get the phone that you are most comfortable with. I have the DX and love it. The onboard memory is big thing for me and that was a big factor for me. I was stuck with the Storm for a while so I understand where your coming from. As far as the user interface, I use Launcher Pro Plus and that helps with the "motoblur". I'll let the Fascinate users jump in on their phone, but for me I did like the overall feel of the X better. They are both great phones. Any other questions just ask
    12-10-2010 10:13 PM
  3. Johnly's Avatar
    I use the droid x, in the interest of not following, sammy that lap!
    12-10-2010 10:42 PM
  4. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    This seems to be a common question lately. Honestly, it all boils down to personal preference. Will the extra .3" of screen real estate be a big draw? Are you willing to sacrifice FroYo (for now)? Things like that, which are all things you brought up in your post. I don't want to alter your perception of either phone, they're both great Android devices. I can't speak on behalf of the Droid X, but what I can tell you is that at least for me, Eclair has kept me satisfied on the Fascinate because it runs beautifully, and for the most part, FroYo's newest features are not a must-have for me. That's what ultimately led me in my decision to purchase a Fascinate over the Droid X.
    12-10-2010 10:55 PM
  5. Sta11i0n's Avatar
    I'm going to have to agree with everything Chris said. As far as signal issues go, I honestly think people are just being a little picky. Yes I do only have 2-3 bars most the time, bit I also have not had any calls dropped, quality issues or no service. Therefore, to me, I don't consider the phone to have signal issues.

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    12-10-2010 11:39 PM
  6. Johnly's Avatar
    If you do, you do not, yoda......
    12-11-2010 12:03 AM
  7. Comineeyeaha's Avatar
    I find myself wondering this same thing tonight. I called Verizon trying to get my upgrade moved up so I can get a pair of phones for christmas, and the guy on the phone led me to believe that I could get the Fascinate on BOGO. After a 2nd call, and just about to finalize the order, he tells me the BOGO is only for the Droid line. So now I'm trying to decide if I, or my wife, would like the X, Inc, or D2G. The X seems a little big. Not so much for me, but I worry that it will be too big for my wife.
    12-11-2010 12:32 AM
  8. NickA's Avatar
    I always recommend taking advantage of your 30 day return/swap. Sure it will cost you 35 bucks, but if you are someone that keeps their phone the full 2 years, it's $35 well spent. If you are leaning towards the Fascinate, get the X first. That way you'll never have to wonder "what if...".

    As far as signal strength goes, don't go by the number of bars. Go to your Verizon store and compare the actual signal strength with you BB. My original Droid always has a stronger signal than my Fascinate, but I don't notice a difference in call quality (neither does the person at the other end).

    GPS is a major issue for some, not so much for others. There is a fix that's being tested right now and seems to have fixed the problem.

    Samsung just said yesterday that Froyo should be ready for the Fascinate late December.

    Go to the store and play with both phones as much as possible until you feel comfortable with your purchase.
    12-11-2010 12:38 AM
  9. DAFFYDC's Avatar
    I like both phones. I like the Fascinates screen better. Blacker blacks and the colors looks amazing. I'd be watching lots of movies and YouTube videos on it. I'd also be using this in my car which is why I'm concerned about the GPS. I plan on listening to Pandora and XM though my car stereo too which is why I'm concerned about signal strength. I like that the X has a car mode that works with Google Maps. I read that the Fascinates car mode won't work with Google Maps but who knows if that'll change once the Fascinate gets Froyo. I know you can still install and use Google Maps but not if it's connected to the car dock (I've read the dock won't work until 2.2 comes out). I like that Froyo allows you to save aps to the SD card and it's supposed to make the phone run even faster. Having full Flash Support with Froyo is also a plus but I'd still be happy with the Fascinates browser. So as you can see, I'm still leaning towards the Fascinate. It's when the droid phones are getting all these updates to fix issues while the Fascinate isn't and Fascinate owners keep waiting. Then again, if there are so many updates being sent to the Droid phones, why are they whining about waiting for Gingerbread (seems like they might be having issues too). I keep bouncing between the two phones. I think I'm going to be more addicted to this site than I was with Crackberry. Everyone here has shared a lot of great and helpful information. oh.. and another thing that makes the Fascinate more attractive is the price. I couldn't get it for $1 on BlackFriday but Best Buy is selling it for $99 and hopefully it'll still be on sale in the next couple of weeks. Chris K, I noticed you're soldier and I salute you and thank you for your service to our country.
    12-11-2010 12:54 AM
  10. Smitty_82's Avatar
    It sounds like to me you would be happy with the Fascinate, if froyo is the only thing holding you up I would go for the Fascinate. I have found that the Pandora app runs much better on Android than it did on my BB. You should have no problems with that.

    As far as Droid owners whining about getting Gingerbread, we are impatient and want the next "bigger and better" thing. We will never be satisfied. As soon as we figure out Gingerbread it's on to Honeycomp I'm just happy that we get updates faster than I did on BB
    12-11-2010 01:35 AM
  11. Johnly's Avatar
    yoda thinks mmmmmmmmm, gps should guide you.....
    12-11-2010 01:40 AM
  12. DroidXcon's Avatar
    I had both the Droid X and Fascinate, i just sold my DX today and sticking with the fascinate, im much happier with it. And my GPS always works, just used it to get me back and forth from Georgia.
    12-11-2010 01:57 AM
  13. Johnly's Avatar
    Not to debate, but my fascinate gps was fail bow.....28 days......hope those updates diced that......my dx never had that issue......do, or do not yoda says.....
    12-11-2010 02:52 AM
  14. rcarter88's Avatar
    I own both the DX and the Fascinate. I can say that I use my Fascinate all the time and barely pick up the DX. I picked up the DX after owning the original Droid and as soon as I saw the Fascinate, it was like love at first site. I love the amoled screen and being able to read the screen in direct sunlight is a plus for me.
    12-11-2010 09:52 AM
  15. Cory Streater's Avatar
    I want to be buried with my Fascinate. I sold my Droid X. But it was a personal decision.
    12-11-2010 01:22 PM
  16. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    LOL! We'll put you into a time capsule with it Cory.
    12-11-2010 01:58 PM
  17. Johnly's Avatar
    Ha ha, hopefully you live longer, I am sure sammy has something better when you get gray!
    12-11-2010 02:08 PM
  18. Dr. K_Xen's Avatar
    I <3 the Fascinate
    12-11-2010 04:01 PM
  19. hucworld's Avatar
    When I came back over to Verizon I had my sights set on getting a Droid X and did just that. I was wowed by the large screen and I think the awe died down from there. Before I came back over to Verizon I was using a Samsung Epic 4G. The brightness of the screen, lightweight and fast processor had me soon as I took it out the box. I did my research on the phone and I read like most did that the GPS was an issue and that Bing was the search engine on there but that didn't phase me one bit...ok well a little. After going back and forth I decided to go ahead and get a Fascinate. So far...best move I've made so far. I missed my Super AMOLED screen. The processor to me isn't and wasn't that much faster if you ask me, only by a little. The thin sleek feel of it is what had me from the get go. Samsung Fascinate...DO IT!
    12-11-2010 06:14 PM
  20. Comineeyeaha's Avatar
    I want to be buried with my Fascinate.
    Well, I guess that's all the convincing I need when standing on this fence. Here's to hoping that it get's Froyo by the end of the month like the rumor states.
    12-11-2010 10:23 PM
  21. ferniesp's Avatar
    In this forum, I can only expect that the Samsung users will be the final decision maker for the OP. Go to the X forum and it will be the opposite.

    Having used the Samsung for quite some time, I will say without question that it's one of the finest Androids out there. At the end of the day it's all personal preference.

    For me, I stayed with the X and this is why.

    I believe most would agree that Motorola is king of call quality....that is huge for me because I want a phone first. The Fasinate is good but not as good in this area as the X.

    Browser....both are awesome phones in this area. I will stick with the X because of the extra real estate. Most would agree that if you are going to spend an extra 30 bucks a month on data, having a good browser is the number 2 thing that I want on a smartphone.

    E-mail on both are good but for some reason, on the 2 Fasinates that I used, my e-mail using Cox would always disappear after a day or so. My X never has this issue.

    Battery....this is where I felt the X shined the most. I can go from zero charge to full charge in about 45 minutes and with the Fasinate, it took a couple of hours( good battery life though), I just didn't like the time it took to chage the darn thing. The X would last me the whole day and whats cool with the X, you can use the extended battery with the same stock battery door and no one but you will know you have the extended..which lasts long enough for me.

    Build quality is another area and also an important one to consider. I broke the screen on the fasinate by accident trying to get my cover off. I am a strong guy but that thing broke way too easy. Back cover on the fasinate is rediculous. Samsung should have used a more durable material for it. The X is just a solid feeling device which gives you the peace of mind when carrying it around that it won't break on you on the smallest of drops.

    In summary at the end of the day, it's your call.
    12-12-2010 12:08 AM
  22. Just a Guy's Avatar
    I was in the same boat for a week. My wife has the dx and loves it. I ultimately decided to order the fascinate Friday because my wife has the dx and I know what to expect from it so I figure I should give the fascinate a try. Also a coworker has the continuum and loves it and helped sell me on the fascinate.

    I just wish I would get it already!

    I do have a quick question to add for those who came from bb's and/or other android phones with the led notifications. How have you adapted with not having the led notification? That is the biggest downside I feel I'm going to have to overcome. It's nice being able to have each notification a different color so I can just quickly glance and see what I might have missed.
    12-12-2010 05:53 PM
  23. Fappy Jones's Avatar
    It really comes down to do you want a totally unlockable device with little to no restrictions. Or if you want a better phone, that's more of a phone than a toy.

    The fascinate lets you do more stuff whereas the dx is more of a phone with root restrictions.

    The decision is ultimately yours, they're both good phones.

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    12-12-2010 06:46 PM
  24. NickA's Avatar
    I do have a quick question to add for those who came from bb's and/or other android phones with the led notifications. How have you adapted with not having the led notification? That is the biggest downside I feel I'm going to have to overcome. It's nice being able to have each notification a different color so I can just quickly glance and see what I might have missed.
    This is the first phone I have had without a notification light. There is an app called NoLED (NoLED - Android app on AppBrain) that is a decent alternative.

    Try going without a notification light for a while and see how you like it. When I had a BB Curve, I would constantly glance at that thing to see if the light was blinking. Same with my other phones. Now I don't worry about it. My phone is normally in my pocket or sitting next to me, so I either feel the vibrate or hear the notification sound.
    12-13-2010 01:27 AM
  25. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    I haven't missed the LED as much as I thought I would. At first by habit I would look at my phone half expecting to see a green or red flash, but I quickly got over it. Like NickA said now I just wait for a vibrate or a sound. Occasionally I'll turn the screen on real quick to check if I missed something. But it hasn't been a huge deal to me, not as much as I thought it might be at first.
    12-13-2010 01:54 AM
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