02-23-2011 11:03 PM
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  1. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    Chris and phommk. Since you both posted your apps and both can replicate the problem, I cross referenced the apps you share. Angry Birds, Beautiful Widgets, Shoot Me, and Yelp.

    Now, since I have replicated it as well, I cross referenced your app list with mine. The only two links across all three are as follows:
    -Beautiful Widgets
    -We all have either Shoot Me or Screen Shot It, both screen capture apps.

    I am keeping a file on the app lists posted from here on out, to continue the cross reference.

    Just to be clear, you guys don't have any other apps running?
    I went back to complete stock and remained unrooted and was still able to replicate it, so I think I've eliminated anything app related.
    01-25-2011 08:58 PM
  2. cordoni's Avatar
    Edit: Based on Chris' post above, this list is not needed. (But I'll leave it because I want to show off my app list. )
    I was typing as he posted.
    Here is my list, excluding system stock apps.

    amazon barcode scanner
    amazon kindle
    android central
    android system info
    around me
    bank of america
    barcode scanner
    basic chords
    battery indicator
    beautiful widgets
    big oven
    bizcard lite
    date wheel pro
    dawn to dusk
    due today
    find my car lite
    first aid
    future text
    google sky map
    google translate
    gps status
    gstrings guitar tuner
    guitar tuner free
    histroy eraser
    home switcher
    ilightr free
    image shrink
    lock strength
    netquin antivirus
    nhl gamecenter
    night clock donate
    night walker
    onoff widget pack
    overdrive media console
    power amp
    qr droid
    quick cache cleaner
    espn scorecenter
    screen shot it
    sd rescan
    speed test
    spirit level plus
    stack calculator
    system (task manager)
    talk tapatalk pro
    tesla led
    texts from last night
    the wall street reader
    the weather channel
    think free office
    titanium backup
    tune in radio
    unblock me free
    wheres my droid
    white noise
    wifi analyzer
    wifi radar
    wire gogles
    word search
    01-25-2011 08:59 PM
  3. GrainOsand's Avatar
    it's not app related it's def browser related. I have since confirmed same replication method on 4 other fascinates running DL09. Two of which I was told that they didnt have this bug. I told them to open browser and I called them and guess what? E dialer crashed. soft boot resets it. But dialer will trip everytime you recieve a call with browser open. I think everyone on DL09 has this bug. They just dont know it yet. Can anyone recieve a call with the browser open and not trip the lock screen e dialer. I think thats the real test.
    01-25-2011 10:03 PM
  4. SEAKevin's Avatar
    Just got a text from Verizon:

    "Free VZW Msg(s) - Use of your emergency call button on your Fascinate phone with software SCH-i500.DL09 may not work while the phone is locked. A software fix will be pushed to your device soon. Until available, disable pattern lock to ensure emergency calls can be placed. To check your software version press Applications>Settings>About phone and view Build number. Only version SCHi-500.DL09 is impacted by this issue. Versions SCH-i500.DI01 and SCH-i500.DH12 are functioning properly. To disable pattern lock press Applications>Settings>Location & Security and remove check from Require Pattern."
    02-01-2011 05:02 PM
  5. mamajc's Avatar
    I've been having this issue of not being able to slide the puzzle piece to answer the phone since the update. Usually it's from a sleeping phone. I guess the last place I was might have been in the browser. Would your theories still be correct if mine occurs usually even hours of non-use. The phone rings and no matter what I do that dang piece just won't go and I miss the call. Very frustrating!!
    02-23-2011 11:03 PM
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