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    I'm going on a trip where I am unsure how often I will have ability to charge my phone. I'd like to have two extra batteries that I can wall-charge apart from the phone to keep as backups. If I'm able to charge in-phone also on those extra batteries, even better.

    A friend gave me an extra battery he had for his (at&t) Samsung Captivate.
    I'm also considering buying an additional non-OEM battery from eBay.

    I know that typically a non-OEM or other SGS battery will not charge in the Fascinate, but apparently the Epic4G does allow this. SirGatez's battery hack allows for non-OEM batteries to charge in-device, which will be handy.

    Have there been any reports of issues of using non-OEM batteries, or batteries from a sister SGS device? Any guidelines I need to be aware of to keep my device safe from damage?
    03-31-2011 04:37 PM