1. Mac58's Avatar
    Anyone have any exp with bodyglove? I have been up looking for cases for the GN and I saw this on their site.
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Prime) Icon Case - Blue w/Chrome - Flat Back (no clip) - BodyGloveMobile.com

    Whats funny is this was on their main page.
    Body Glove Mobile: Phone Cases, iPhone Cases, iPad Cases, Tablet Cases And More - Body Glove

    Im thinking of ordering one tonight, so I will have it in time of the GN release. WHat are you guys thoughts on it?
    12-10-2011 03:05 AM
  2. Silent Patriot's Avatar
    Pass. I do kind of like the 2-tone split, but after my experience with their case for the Touch Pro 2 (tabs that held it in place "wore-out" quickly causing it to fall off the phone), I'll be going with OtterBox this time, probably the Defender series.
    12-10-2011 03:30 AM