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    My wife and I both have our GN's and I have the otterbox defender. I layed them side by side and she would get around 92dbm and I would be around 96dbm ... not sure if it is just tolerances per phone or if the otterbox can affect signal strength. Where is the location of the 4g antenna in the GN?

    I have not looked at wifi signals to see if I see any difference, but thought I'd post it in the subject just in case anyone else has seen any differences..

    Where I live is also in a black hole for cell reception .. I'm lucky if I have 119dbm in the house on 4g and typically it is worse than that .. Is there anything I can do outside of a booster? (I know I can drive a few miles if that from the house and have 99dbm or lower signal ..

    01-02-2012 07:13 PM
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    i doubt that a the rubber/plastic case could do anything. However a minute difference in position of the phone can.
    01-02-2012 09:06 PM
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    Neither rubber or plastic should interfere with radio signals.

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    01-02-2012 09:10 PM
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    Actually both can interfere with radio signals. Anything that it has to pass through will affect the signal. However it will not affect it by much.

    Now when you lay a phone side by side remember each phone is sending out signals to that will also interfere with the signal not to mention any objects around you. A 4db diff. i wouldn't worrie much about. Perhaps if it was in the range of 50db + but for just a 4db that you say i would blame that on near by interference and the fact that no two circuits are pretty much the same due to tolerance stacking. Bottom line. The cases do interfere with the signal but not by much. Remember that the phone is not reporting accurate signals either. To get a real readying you will need some pretty expensive equipment "My school dident have this or i would go back and do some testing"

    I got a degree in electronics engineering and we had a few classes on commutation.

    Remember diff. mediums will effect signals/waves differently since they must pass through them and in the process of transmission. I'll dig up one of my old communications books and see if i can find the list of what the effects of various materials are.
    01-02-2012 09:52 PM
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    I noticed that when I first got the phone I had strong signals and connection to the internet and mainly on LTE when I was at work in my office. I now notice that in my office or in random places as well I find that I have no signal and am only able to make emergency calls only. I just got the phone a week ago and didn't have a case on it and now that I do (it is just a plastic one) I find that I have lower signal. I went to my service provider and they gave me a new sim card to switch so I did, and that didn't make a difference. I am aware that there is an antenna at the back bottom of the phone below the batter and told not to cover it.. maybe the case is doing that?

    Please help or let me know if it could be the case.
    05-29-2013 05:11 PM