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    Hi all,

    After ordering my Otterbox Commuter case for my Gnex, I was so happy to see it arrived at the same time my phone did. Then I had the displeasure or finding out that their screen protector only covers the part of the front screen that actually lights up.

    Now I am looking for screen protectors. Ghost Armor, SGP Ultra Oleophobic - each seems to have their advantages/disadvantages. I would pull the trigger on the Ultra Oledphobic if it wasn't for the apparently more-than-necessary short cut. I know it's necessary to leave some space because of the curvature of the Gnex, but from the majority of reviews, they say it's too much space.

    With that, my friend was recommending that I go to Ebay for a screen protector. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a screen protector from ebay, or a seller. With my luck, I would get a cheap piece of garbage that looks like a sandwich bag.

    Anyhoo - Ghost Armor might be winning the battle. Can't say that I've seen too many bad things about em - but I'm not too keen on wet-application screen protectors or spending $15 for one. Darn you SGP, you were almost the perfect choice!

    Thank you!
    01-09-2012 12:00 PM